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This article was published on September 29, 2015

Nexus Protect — what you need to know

Nexus Protect — what you need to know
Nate Swanner
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Nate Swanner

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Taking a page from HTC’s book, Google is now offering a protection program for its hardware. The Nexus Protect plan is meant to safeguard you in the event you bust your phone, but what does it cover?


For the Nexus 5X, Nexus Protect is $69. If you grab a Nexus 6P, the price shoots up to $89.

If you file a claim, Google charges a $79 deductible for either device.

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Coverage terms

With Nexus Protect, you’re covered for two years. The plan insures the device, so it doesn’t matter what carrier you have or where you live. So long as you can get a new Nexus device, you can be covered.

You can file up to two claims per plan; that’s an average of one accident per year. That won’t help the clumsy, but you do get a replacement device as quickly as the next day, and return shipping is also covered.

Nexus Protect is on top of your standard, one-year manufacturer warranty. It takes effect when you purchase the plan, not after the manufacturer warranty is up. Nexus Protect is currently limited to the United States.

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What’s covered?

The manufacturer warranty covers device failure that can be attributed to the manufacturer. If your screen stops working or the battery won’t charge, that’s covered by your warranty in the first year.

The Nexus Protect program extends that warranty coverage by one year.

In addition to manufacturer meltdowns, you’ll have protection from yourself. If you drop or otherwise accidentally damage your phone, Nexus Protect covers you.

Google says “drops, spills and cracked screens” are covered, but doesn’t have a list of things that wouldn’t be covered under Nexus Protect.

If you sell or gift your phone to someone, the coverage can be transferred.

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When Nexus Protect doesn’t help

If your phone is stolen, or lost — Google can’t help you. Similarly, once you’ve initiated your second claim under Nexus Protect, you can consider the plan to be over.

You can’t transfer Nexus Protect to a new device, either. If you lost your new Nexus 5X and decided to buy a new one, you’d have to buy new Nexus Protect coverage, too.

If you’re not happy with Nexus Protect, you can get a refund. In the first 30 days, Google will refund you the $69 or $89 you spent on Nexus Protect.

After the first month, Google will return a prorated amount to you. If you’ve filed a claim before requesting a refund, that will be deducted from your refund amount.

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