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This article was published on February 18, 2011

    New updates come to handheld healthcare

    New updates come to handheld healthcare
    Brodie Beta
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    Brodie Beta

    Brodie Beta is a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets, media and anything related to the Web. She has worked in communications Brodie Beta is a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets, media and anything related to the Web. She has worked in communications and media for the past nine years. Follow her on twitter here .

    ipad-doctorDiversinet, the company behind the MobiSecure platform, have just announced that it has added 50 new features and has extended support to over 70 additional smartphones and tablets.

    MobiSecure is a platform that enables healthcare organizations to implement improved processes by taking advantage of mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android. The platform allows healthcare providers to use applications that are HIPAA compliant, a health insurance portability and accountability act that protects the privacy of your medical information.

    Diversinet’s platform uses OATH standards for authentication and has taken precautions with its encryption architecture to ensure confidential health records are not compromised. And, it’s a platform that the U.S Army is currently using to stay connected and secure.

    Utilizing MobiSecure, organizations can keep their people super-connected by allowing people to communicate and access secure data through mobile applications. As an example, in the healthcare field, caregivers and healthcare payers, can use mHealth (mobile health) apps to access and exchange personal health records, schedule medical visits and treatments, or send notifications reminding patients of upcoming appointments.

    Dr. on iPad

    The new features within the MobiSecure Publisher, aside from the vast array of devices it now supports (iOS, Android, BlackBerry), brings users updates to SMS functionality, an enhanced user interface and handy tools like appointment reminders, healthcare web portals and the ability to store multiple information sources, a feature that assists organizations in passing audits.

    “Our enhanced offering also enables healthcare organizations to easily achieve HIPAA compliance, as well as more easily and quickly meet ‘meaningful use’ criteria… We have enriched our MobiSecure product suite to support additional mobile devices, including tablets, while making it simpler for healthcare payers and providers and the users they serve to manage mobile health applications, — Albert Wahbe, Diversinet’s Chairman and CEO

    The healthcare field, like many other industries, are adopting smartphones and tablets to simplify processes, reduce costs and to give their people constant access to critical real-time information.

    Diversinet is based in both Dallas and Toronto and it has invested $80 million in patents and the development of its secure application platform.