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This article was published on August 19, 2016

New leaks of the alleged GoPro Hero 5 show just how ‘sick’ it really is

New leaks of the alleged GoPro Hero 5 show just how ‘sick’ it really is
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

A few weeks back, we stumbled upon some leaked images of GoPro’s upcoming Hero 5. Today, we’ve got even more to share with you — including a “sick” new feature.


The new images seem to corroborate the earlier leak and detail a few new findings. Notably, the Hero 5 is slightly larger than previous iterations. It’s also said to be waterproof out of the case to a depth of 10 feet, but for deeper use it’ll require a “Super Suit” housing (shown below).


If this is the real deal, it’s also short a button on the front. According to sources, the three button configuration was deemed confusing, so GoPro opted to go with the shutter button on top and the mode button on the side.

The user manual also surfaced today. In it we see that the camera specs are basically the same as the Hero 4 Black.

The manual also details a cloud-connected Hero 5. Once plugged in and fully charged, the camera will begin uploading the images on it to the cloud over WiFi. This is a notable improvement but it still seems to be lacking a feature many of us thought we’d see in this iteration — the ability to livestream.


Last, but not least, GoPro also seems to be adding voice control to the “highlight tag” feature that lets you bookmark your favorite recorded moments. Now, to tag a moment you’ll just have to shout the phrase “that was sick!” to the bro gods in the cloud.


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