This article was published on August 17, 2011

New Edgerank Pro lets you find out who views your Facebook updates

New Edgerank Pro lets you find out who views your Facebook updates

Edgerank, a site that allows you to instantly check your Facebook Edgerank score, has just a launched a revamped version of its site and a brand new paid version. Edgerank Pro allows you to access in-depth stats on how your Page is performing with personalised recommendations to get the most out of your Page. Edgerank is important as it is Facebook’s algorithm for determining the likelihood of your Page to appear in the ‘top news’ section of the Facebook news feed, as opposed to ‘most recent’. The free version of Edgerank Checker is still available on the site, giving you access to information about how your Page is performing, including your Edgerank score and the best/worst performing days on your Page. The free version has also been improved for a much more user-friendly experience than you previously got on the site, seamlessly accessing all your Pages through Facebook Connect to give you an analysis of 6 months of data.

Why go pro?

Knowing how well your Facebook Page is performing is essential for your ongoing strategy. The more data you build up about your fans, the more intelligent and informed your strategy will become. You can effectively focus your content according to when your fans are most engaged, what they react to, and more. Importantly though, Edgerank Checker gives you recommendations, so you can make actions on top of the data that you’re getting. A screenshot below shows an example of the insights you can get with the Pro version:

While Facebook Insights itself will tell you a lot about how your Page is performing, Edgerank checker shows you the comparison of your Page over time, right down to how individual posts have performed and how you can repeat this success. It’s one thing to update your Page, but knowing who’s actually seeing these updates is another. Edgerank Pro allows you to see that with an excellent set of analytics.

You can sign up to Edgerank Pro now for $15 per month. One word of warning with a product like Edgerank Pro, is not to get bogged down by the stats. The information you get is almost too extensive and you could risk missing out what’s actually happening on your Page by spending time manually reviewing posts/comments to understand how your fans really feel about your Page.

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