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This article was published on September 3, 2018

Never guess about the right color again — the Nix Mini Color Sensor is $30 off

Never guess about the right color again — the Nix Mini Color Sensor is $30 off
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Tangerine, merigold, cider, rust, ginger, tiger, fire, bronze, cantaloupe, apricot, clay, honey, carrot, squash, spice, marmalade, amber, sandstone and yam.

If you couldn’t immediately place that random word cloud as some of the almost innumerable shades of the color orange…well, join the club. Unless you’re a trained colorologist (which is…wow…actually a thing), there’s almost no way you would have that information on the top of your head.

But the Nix Mini Color Sensor knows. It’s an absolutely essential accessory for any artist, interior designer or style maven — and right now, it’s $30 off, just $69, from TNW.

If you’ve never seen the Nix in action, it’s pretty impressive. Smaller than the size of a ping-pong ball, you just point the Nix at anything — a wall, a piece of fabric, upholstery, whatever — and within seconds, you know exactly what color it is.

And this hypersensitive marvel doesn’t just spit out a name. It searches its catalog of more than 31,000 brand name paint colors to tell you which brand from Benjamin Moore, Dulux, Sherwin Williams and more match your needs.

The Nix also cross-checks against RGB, HEX, CMYK, & LAB colors to give you the exact code for reproducing your color digitally. When you sync your Nix with its ultra-cool app, it also stores and organizes your colors, so when you get to the paint store or home improvement counter, you’ve got all the information you need.

It’s super-durable, hooks to a keychain for easy transport and even throws in a few savvy extras, like an integrated high CRI white LED light to help generate perfectly accurate results every time.

Regularly priced at $99, now’s the time to take advantage of this limited time offer to save $30 during this limited time sale.

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