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This article was published on December 11, 2020

NetSpot Home Wi-Fi Analyzer can get to the heart of home WiFi trouble in minutes

NetSpot Home Wi-Fi Analyzer can get to the heart of home WiFi trouble in minutes
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TLDR: NetSpot Home WiFi Analyzer can help you find connection problems and come up with solution to WiFi disruptions or slowdowns in your home or office space.

If you want to start a riot in any household, you don’t have to yell or pick a fight or point out a raging injustice. All you have to do is shut off the WiFi. Within seconds, everyone will be running around like a crazy person in a house fire.

Everyone now depends on a steady, reliable access point to the web — and if it goes south, there will be hell to pay. Holes in a home’s WiFi web can be something simple like a wall or a bad angle. Or it could be something a lot harder to diagnose, like intermittent interference from a neighbor or an odd connection hiccup.

No matter what’s up with the WiFi, the Netspot Home WiFi Analyzer is a brilliantly simple method for mapping, understanding and troubleshooting any connectivity issues that pop up in your home.

NetSpot has been an industry heavyweight for diagnosing WiFi problems for years, prompting iMore to say “you won’t find a better app for figuring out why your WiFi isn’t working the way you need it to.”

If you’ve had any questions about your WiFi service, from dead zones to spotty coverage to worries about whether you’re getting all the service you’re paying for, NetSpot can help you figure it out almost immediately.

With their app, NetSpot can help you create an ultra-detailed analysis of the WiFi situation across your entire home or office. Based on your specific floorplan, users can consult a “heat map” visualization report, explaining signal strength across your space, as well as identify the strength of any and every device that could impact that system.

That environmental “noise” can actually be a bigger factor than you think, as NetSpot can find microwaves, cordless phones, or even competing WiFi networks that could be messing with your signal.

Armed with that knowledge, NetSpot will also explain exactly where to station WiFi range extenders to help boost your signal and optimize your space for the best possible connection speeds all the time.

As an added bonus, the app also features a lifetime of updates, ensuring you’ll always have the most up-to-the-minute tools available for keeping your WiFi network in tiptop shape.

Regularly a $68 value, right now you can get a lifetime of access to NetSpot Home WiFi Analyzer for either Windows or Mac users at over 40 percent off, just $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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