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This article was published on June 2, 2017

    Naval expo turns to techies for future of war

    Naval expo turns to techies for future of war
    Tristan Greene
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    Tristan Greene

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    The United States Navy wants YOU to design the technology that will usher US fighting forces into a new and wonderful era of global conflict. The Chief of Naval Research issued a call to arms for the tech world with the “CNR Concept Challenge.” The challenge asks engineers, developers, and those who wish to create “leap-ahead” technology to submit their ideas at the upcoming 2017 Naval Future Forces Science and Technology Expo.

    What constitutes leap-ahead technology to the United States Navy?

    Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. David J. Hahn says “I am looking for visionary ideas that really get out in front of the rapid, ever-accelerating technology development and deployment cycle, with new advances taking place at breakneck speeds, across multiple domains, the truth is that the ‘Navy and Marine Corps After Next’ is being created right now.”

    The newest tech from Uncle Sam’s ocean-going forces is on display with the “flying metal detector.” The device, an unmanned aerial drone controlled by a standard consumer-style tablet, was unveiled in a press release earlier today.  The United States has deployed unmanned vehicles for the purpose of “scouting” beach fronts and enemy positions before. This device is different due to the proprietary magnetometer – a fancy metal detector – and the software that allows it to quickly differentiate between objects.

    Marines and Sailors transitioning from open ocean to coastal areas in preparation for potential combat encounters run the risk of detonating ‘mines’ or underwater explosives. The device can also seek out enemy combatants and hidden structures. The drone will pass over an area and determine whether there are explosives that troops should avoid – or mark said explosives for destruction. Testing has shown great potential and, in a June 1st press release CNO Command Master Chief Matt Matteson says the device is going save lives.

    The single greatest threats our troops have faced abroad in the war on terror has been  IUDs – improvised explosive devices. The possibility of adapting this drone technology to seek and destroy these “traps” would lower the risk that US warriors face in every theater.

    Those interested in contributing to the future of the United States Navy, the Chief of Naval Research, and the ongoing efforts to create the most advanced warfighting machine of all time —  need look no further than the aforementioned  US Navy tech expo. You can find more information at the Office of Naval Research’s site. Submissions for the CNR Concept Challenge must be received by June 30th and applicants must be registered for the expo, which will run on July 20th and 21st. Strap on some combat boots and a Fitbit and become the next big name in Naval warfare technology!