This article was published on October 31, 2016

NASA offers a breathtaking 4K view of life aboard the International Space Station

Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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A new 4K UHD video by NASA details a life few of us will ever get to experience.

The fly-through video is set to a melancholic score and takes viewers from one end of the International Space Station (ISS) to the other, all in beautiful 4K. Viewers will get to channel their inner astronaut while winding through the narrow corridors of the ISS and peering in on the world (some 200 miles) below.

Produced by Harmonic, a partner in NASA’s upcoming television channel, the video gives us a glimpse at some of the stellar (no pun intended) program we’ll be seeing once it goes live next month. The channel intends to be the first “non-commercial consumer ultra-high definition channel in North America,” according to NASA. It’ll feature current missions in UHD as well as remastered footage from historical missions.

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