This article was published on March 16, 2016

MysteryVibe reckons vibrators could be even smarter

MysteryVibe reckons vibrators could be even smarter
Kirsty Styles
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Kirsty Styles


Kirsty Styles is a journalist who lives in Hackney. She was previously editor at Tech City News and is now a reporter at The Next Web. She l Kirsty Styles is a journalist who lives in Hackney. She was previously editor at Tech City News and is now a reporter at The Next Web. She loves tech for good, cleantech, edtech, assistive tech, politech (?), diversity in tech.

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MysteryVibe wanted to bring a truly flexible sex toy to market that bends to whatever shape you desire, with vibrations that can also be customized and fine-tuned from yours (or someone else’s) smartphone.

The crowd clearly wanted this too and the project was brought to life with help from funding platform Born and more than 500 willing backers. The new Crescendo vibrator was on its way.

It’s been created by a female-driven team all brought together through partners like industrial designer Seymourpowell, app dev Fueled and sensory experience folks Condiment Junkie.

It doesn’t need batteries so no bulky holder for them – and no need to dash to the shop midway through…

From idea to box, it’s all made in Britain. If you ever wondered how you design a vibrator, here it is.

While, MysteryVibe is not the only company aching to be the “Apple for pleasure,” its pre-orders will be out the door soon and we think customization is a definitely a winner for many people in today’s on-demand economy.

Tell us what you do in two sentences

MysteryVibe is a British health and lifestyle company with a focus on pleasure. We’re all about creating personalized, immersive experiences in the bedroom, to help people switch off from their busy daily lives – their work, emails, actions and to-do lists – and turn on when it comes to sex and pleasure.

How did the company come about? What’s your background?

Inspired by trends of personalization and flexibility of tech, we took our idea of personalised pleasure to Seymourpowell who loved it and agreed to incubate us. Here we developed our first product, Crescendo – the world’s first truly adaptable pleasure product, one that can take any shape to adapt to your body and vibrate to your desire.

Who are your biggest rivals, and why are you different?

There are only a handful of brands developing luxury products in this market. We focus on pleasure experiences more broadly, with a vision to use connected items – sounds, aromas, lighting, temperature, erotica – that work together with the toy to create an immersive experience completely unique to you.

Get rich or change the world? Which would you rather, and why?

Change the world. We truly believe that an enlightened and liberal society is a safer and happier one.

How big is your team? Tell us one weird fact about a member of your team.

We currently have four people in the MysteryVibe team – working alongside our partners, who include SeymourPowell, Fueled, Untitled Kingdom, and Condiment Junkie.

Weird fact – CEO Soumyadip’s previous work in biometrics once took him to the Pentagon – scary!

If you weren’t working on MysteryVibe, what would you be doing?

We’d be plotting our way to working on it ;) it’s been a long time since the idea was first conceived – and we couldn’t be happier that it’s all coming to life!

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