This article was published on July 16, 2010

MySpace gets a huge update with really slick profile pages.

MySpace gets a huge update with really slick profile pages.

Yes, really.

The social media maven that time seems to have forgotten has perhaps just thrown down the gauntlet in the world of social profiles.  To be honest, this is the one place where MySpace always really excelled, and something that Facebook is sorely missing.

Our image at the right is of the personal page for MySpace exec Sean Percival.  He hit Twitter with what we can only call an unofficial announcement just a couple hours ago.

As MySpace faded into the background, other services such as Magntize popped onto the radar, but MySpace has been there all along, plugging away.  In fact, we’ve recently seen news of some pretty major personnel acquisitions, and talk about new directions.

These new profiles might very well be the first step.

It’s worthy to note that the new profiles aren’t rolled out across the site as of yet, but maybe it’s time to go check your own if you remember the login credentials.  So far, all we know is that they look great, but it’s fair to say that these new profiles might be in a testing phase – now confirmed by MySpace:

“We’re testing a new look and feel of our site among users and the response so far has been positive,” …”As always, we’re interested in hearing feedback from our community as we roll out enhancements to the user experience and look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks.”

On top of the overall new look, we’re also seen social icons that allow people to follow you around the Internet, as well as a Flickr Gallery.

Response, so far, has been mixed.  While we think it’s a really slick update to the site, some users on Twitter aren’t so happy about it.  We’re not certain, yet, what the full scope of the new profiles entails.  As we find out more, we’ll let you know.