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This article was published on April 24, 2010

Two must-have tools give you the Facebook “Like” function on any page.

Two must-have tools give you the Facebook “Like” function on any page.

Sometimes I find the coolest stuff just by following people on Twitter.  Sam Sethi just put out the tip about a couple of very simple ways to use the Facebook “Like” function on any page.

The Facebook Likes extension integrates directly with Chrome and allows you to put your “Like” stamp anywhere on the Internet.  So if a site’s owner hasn’t yet integrated the platform, now it doesn’t matter.

It’s a very simple, extremely well-implemented idea.  The button sits just to the right of your address bar.  When you click on the thumbs up, you’ll get an extended window that gives you some more information and options.

Another screenshot and another option after the jump.

For those not using Chrome, or who just prefer Bookmarklets, Like-o-matic is your new best friend.  Find a page, hit the bookmarklet and you’ll feed your Like directly into your Facebook stream.

The bookmarklet also addresses another issue: being tricked into putting a like onto a different page.  Kyle Bragger, the author, takes some very simple API tools and turns them into this hugely useful, more secure tool.