This article was published on July 24, 2016

4 must-have summer tech accessories for epic road trips

4 must-have summer tech accessories for epic road trips Image by: GIPHY
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Keep your road trips fun, secure and responsible with these great travel accessory offers from TNW Deals, featuring a high-grade car mount for your phone and a multi-device car charger to keep your whole crew juiced up on the go.

You’ll also find a high-tech illuminating rechargeable flashlight, as well as a new camera from Lytro featuring cutting-edge tech, allowing you to refocus your shots after you take them.


Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount: 73% off

Layze Car Mount

Going hands-free on the road is the law, and an essential must for safe driving. Your phone’s driving-assistance functionality requires ready and responsible access, however, and you need a reliable mount to keep your device in reach.

The Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount will attach firmly and securely to your dashboard or windshield, for easy access at your disposal.

Compatible with all smartphones, the Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount is portable, lightweight and a breeze to install. 360-degree rotation allows for utmost flexibility, while shock-resistant and slip-resistant rubber padding won’t slide. That means your Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount will stay in place, even when off-roading.

Pick up the Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount for just $12.99 from TNW Deals, with free shipping to Continental U.S.

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Urge Basics 4-Port USB-C Car Charger: 50% off

USB Car Charger

Road-tripping with friends is a rite of passage for many, and a lifelong adventure option for the seasoned traveler. But aside from bad taste in music, few things will disrupt the harmony of the ride more than someone hogging the only available outlet for charging up your devices.

The Urge Basics 4-Port USB-C Car Charger will put an end to the single-slot tug of war, allowing you to charge three phones and a laptop at blazing speeds.

Four charging ports, USB-C capability and a built-in OHC Chip, the latest and greatest offering from Urge Basics not only keeps your devices juiced, but protects them from overcharging or overheating as well. Don’t settle for a gas station charger that can stop working before you leave the parking lot or, worse yet, fry your device.

With free shipping to the Continental US, your Urge Basics 4-Port USB-C car charger is ready for the taking at $19.99 from TNW Deals.

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Luminoodle Lantern and Battery Bundle: 25% off

Luminoodle lantern

When you need a flashlight, the old school cheap ones just don’t cut it anymore. With the Luminoodle, you’ll enjoy a waterproof, flexible and reliable light that’s as durable as it is illuminating. 180 lumens of light will keep you lit in any condition, powered by any USB battery or power source.

You can carry the battery in your pocket, to use Luminoodle anywhere, and hang it virtually anywhere with universal ties, embedded magnets and a utility loop.

Want to light up the pool? No problem, thanks to IP-67 waterproofing. The old D-battery cylinder is a relic of the past, and that’s where we should leave it. Step into the modern era of illumination with the rechargeable Luminoodle Lantern and Battery Bundle, now just $29.99 on TNW Deals.

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Lytro Illum Camera: 73% off

Imagine being able to refocus a photo after you take the picture, changing your perspective entirely. That’s the amazing new reality provided by the Lytro Illum Camera, which captures the entire light field to produce “living photographs” which you can adjust afterwards.

The Lytro acts much like a regular camera, with autofocus, exposure modes and the like, but the information captured in the Illum’s groundbreaking technology puts an entirely new world of editing options at your fingertips.

A wide range of tools including photo filters and uploading software is included, helping you refocus your shots and view your images in 3D, even in post-production. Step into the future of photography with the Lytro Illum Camera, now just $349.99 on TNW Deals.

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