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This article was published on August 16, 2017

The startup disrupting the conversation in the mobile data battleground

The startup disrupting the conversation in the mobile data battleground
Neil C. Hughes
Story by

Neil C. Hughes


Neil Hughes is a tech columnist, ghostwriter for tech leaders and host of the daily show, The Tech Talks Daily Podcast. Neil Hughes is a tech columnist, ghostwriter for tech leaders and host of the daily show, The Tech Talks Daily Podcast.

It is widely reported that an incredible 97% of consumers will leave a brand based on a negative customer experience. Meanwhile, a recent study by Marketforce revealed that 66% of customers would switch mobile carriers to get better value for their price. Equally, 33% will change wireless carrier to get more flexible plans to fit their needs.

Welcome to the digital world where the personalization of everything is the new currency. If a brand fails to listen to its customers or remove frustrating friction points from archaic processes, loyalty will be sacrificed with immediate effect.

A criminally overused phrase is disrupt or be disrupted. But, lowering costs and increasing flexibility is an approach that many young startups are using against sluggish retail giants. The modern-day equivalent of the David vs. Goliath tale is becoming all too familiar agility becomes the new weapon of choice.

Step forward Mint SIM, the sister brand of Ultra Mobile that is on a mission to democratize communication for all and has its sights set on disrupting traditional wireless models. Mint SIM’s business model focusses on low cost and flexibility to pay for what you need, and not what you don’t need.

We live in a world where digitally savvy and agile brands like Dollar Shave Club and Casper have completely disrupted traditional business models. We built Mint SIM on similar principles and hope to become the agent of change in the category. Aron North, SVP of Marketing & Creative at Mint SIM.

Digital natives no longer need to visit a bricks and mortar store for a sales assistant to plug in a new SIM card. These changes in expectations have enabled the birth of the web only marketplace where users can only buy a SIM online. But they are rewarded with the savings created by this new way of doing business.

Mint SIM also requests that its users pay upfront in multi-month blocks for their insatiable thirst of unlimited voice, text and data service in exchange to lower costs further. Tech savvy wireless shoppers searching for generous data plans at the lowest price will probably stumble upon Mint SIM over the next few months. But, is it worth it?

Choosing a package that is right for you will depend entirely on how much data you consume. A 2GB per month cap for a three-month commitment will cost $15 a month, whereas a more respectable 5GB will set you back $20 per month. Data hungry users have the option of 10GB for $25 which is aimed at covering all bases.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to choosing a new provider. A prepaid multi-month commitment will seem completely alien to some. But for those willing to cut down their monthly outgoings, Mint might just offer the perfect compromise.

As the communication space continues to evolve, there is an argument that unlimited talk and text plans are looking incredibly dated. The new currency in our mobile first world is streaming services and messaging applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger.

Can you remember the last time that you were worried about running out of minutes on your phone? And does anyone even send SMS messages anymore? In fact, the least interesting we do with our smartphones is make a phone call. But, data caps are one of the biggest frustrations of his increasingly digital world.

These are just a few reasons why data has become the new battleground for mobile operators. If more users begin to question the relevance of long and expensive commitments to wireless carriers, Mint SIM might find themselves with a game changer on their hands.

In a digital age where dating apps like Tinder are king, does anyone need a two-year commitment to their mobile provider that lasts longer than many relationships?