This article was published on January 27, 2010

UK’s Ministry of Defence Admits to 16 Social Media Security Breaches

UK’s Ministry of Defence Admits to 16 Social Media Security Breaches

modRemember that rant about your boss you posted on your friend’s Facebook wall that somehow ended up being read by the entire office? Well here’s some news via Computer Weekly to put such minor information leaks into perspective.

In the last 18 months, the Ministry of Defence have suffered 16 security breaches through confidential information or records being leaked online via social media channels.

Citing the Freedom of Information Act, Lewis PR were able to obtain the information from the MoD, although they were reluctant to give any details on disciplinary measures for employees responsible for causing the leaks.

Most of us are starting to realise just how careful we have to be in managing our Facebook and Twitter profiles — and whilst 16 security breaches seems a little scary at first, it’s actually quite reassuring to think that the MoD are watching for these leaks and (presumably) nipping them in the bud as they occur.

After all, so long as employees have access to social media services, these slip-ups are inevitable — it only takes one angry rant about working hours or upper management to accidentally give something away.

What’s the solution to these breaches? A total ban on social media for government employees? Perhaps some workplace social-media training? Ideas in the comments box, please.