This article was published on October 3, 2017

Messenger and Facebook will soon have consistent emoji

Messenger and Facebook will soon have consistent emoji

Facebook and Messenger will soon use the same set of emoji — namely the Facebook standard emoji. Messenger’s emoji will be getting the boot, but at least the platform will have emoji consistency.

Until now Facebook standard and Messenger use different emoji sets, the Messenger emoji having been released in June 2016. The two differ slightly visually: the Facebook emoji face directly forward, while the Messenger emoji face slightly into the middle distance over your shoulder. For visual reference, they look (looked?) like this:

According to Emojipedia, the change effects all platforms. Desktop Messenger and Android users will see the standard Facebook emoji, while Apple device users will use the iOS emoji.

It’s not clear exactly in what order Facebook is going to phase out the Messenger emoji — I can still see them on my desktop but it’s already Apple emoji on my iPhone. But considering over 1 billion people use Messenger, it’s going to be a noticeable change.

h/t Android Police