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This article was published on November 7, 2008 LinkedIn for the big boys LinkedIn for the big boys
Guest blogger
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Guest blogger

This article is written by a rather interesting person who was kind enough to share his/ her views on the next web. This article is written by a rather interesting person who was kind enough to share his/ her views on the next web.

Written by Paul Vereijken

It sure isn’t surprising that social networks like LinkedIn are adding new users by the second thanks to the credit crunch. But read this: social network says it has attracted 25.000 active members within two months. And those users sure aren’t the average LinkedIn member. They are senior and top executives at large financial firms.

According to their website and an article in the International Herald Tribune, it looks like wants to become the number one network and forum for executives at company’s like Barclays, Goldman Sachs and ING.

Not just connecting

Registered users can participate in discussions about the crisis, but also about how web 2.0 technology could be implemented in products and services. These big boys can also use (peer-to-peer) video conferencing, IM, e-mail and sms to interact and – of course – connect with other members. At members can watch interviews with industry hotshots and thought-leaders.

Exclusive network

The Bristol, England, based network is founded by Spencer Green, chairman of publisher and event organiser GDS International that owns The network was launched in September ’08 when they invited their first 20.000 members. To keep the network exclusive it intends to close its doors at 50.000 members.


Closed doors

I wish I could check if everything promises is true. But to become a member of the network you have to be a senior or top executive. So if you’re working as a developer, web 2.0 consultant or if you’re an entrepreneur that probably means this network keeps its doors closed for you. And for journalists like me too.

Have a peak

Or wouldn’t they? Of course I tried to get in and I filled in the forms to create an account. Surprisingly I got in.

I couldn’t check out everything the network has to offer. Still I got more than just a peek. I was able to login at and check out some interviews with experts in the financial market. After a few clicks I was scanning the discussions between members talking mostly about the crisis. But when I tried to connect with other members the network just returned error messages telling me my account wasn’t approved yet. Damn.