This article was published on September 12, 2013

#MeetandTweet: One man’s mission to meet every one of his Twitter followers

#MeetandTweet: One man’s mission to meet every one of his Twitter followers

Scriptwriter and magician Declan Dineen wants to meet every single person who follows him on Twitter. He kicked off the #meetandtweet project in January this year with a spur-of-the-moment idea on his personal blog and since then, has been ticking off both new and long-time followers one by one.

As reported by the BBC, Dineen doesn’t believe that he’s in any significant danger when he meets his fellow Twitter users. But even if there was, he reckons “it’d make the story even better”.

When he set out to complete the experiment, he added on his blog: “But what if they’re a psycho? People generally aren’t psychos. 99 percent of the people you’ve ever met have been good people.”

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Dineen has had to change some of the rules along the way (some inactive users didn’t respond to his requests, and a handful didn’t want to take part), but in total the 32-year-old has met more than 100 people in person, as well as 40, mainly international followers over Skype.

It’s a simple premise, but one that has given him the chance to meet loads of new people from all sorts of different backgrounds, cultures and upbringings. He says there hasn’t been a single boring conversation along the way, and we’re not surprised in the slightest. It’s a noble endeavour.

Twitter is meant to be a social network after all. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of that amongst all of the noise.

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