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This article was published on June 1, 2012

    Meet the top 100 girls in tech in Europe (according to Girls in Tech)

    Meet the top 100 girls in tech in Europe (according to Girls in Tech) Image by: Gary DeJidas - Fotolia
    Robin Wauters
    Story by

    Robin Wauters

    Robin Wauters is the European Editor of The Next Web. He describes himself as a hopeless cyberflâneur, a lover of startups, his family a Robin Wauters is the European Editor of The Next Web. He describes himself as a hopeless cyberflâneur, a lover of startups, his family and Belgian beer. If you'd like to know more about Robin, head on over to or follow him on Twitter.

    Girls in Tech, an international network that (and I quote) ‘seeks to empower and promote women in technology and entrepreneurship’, is officially launching its London chapter today in partnership with Google, Criteo and Eventbrite.

    The organization is also due to announce its list of top 100 women in tech in the European ecosystem, which you can find below.

    We’re proud to find a The Next Web writer on there as well – don’t forget to congratulate our UK editor Jamillah Knowles on Twitter or elsewhere!

    The list of top women in tech in Europe, from 19 countries in fact, was put together by Girls in Tech and 14 judges, based on their leadership either locally or internationally as well as their contribution to tech and innovation.

    Below is Girl in Tech’s list, in no particular order or ranking – more specifically, in the order that we were sent them earlier today.

    (If you think there are women missing in this list, let us know in the comments).

    Veerle Pieters, Duoh !
    Natasha Friis-Saxberg, Gignal
    Tine Thygesen, Everplaces
    Caitlin Winner, Amen
    Claudia Helming, DaWanda
    Verena Delius, Young Internet
    Julana Chondrasch, Fashionism
    Ann Marisa Freese, Pure Equity
    Lydia Benko, Corporate Finance Partners
    Paula Marttila, Startup guru and mentor

    Verena Delius, Goodbeans/Panfu
    Constanze Buchheim, i-Potentials
    Stephanie Kaiser, Wooga
    Catherine Barba,
    Celine Lazorthes, Leetchi
    Anne Sophie Pastel,
    Marie Ekeland, Elaia Partners
    Claire Houry, Ventech
    Robin Chase, Zipcar/BuzzCar
    Amelie Faure, entrepreneur and startup mentor

    Lara Rouyes, Dealissime
    Tiina Zilliacus, Gajarti Studios
    Ela Madej, Applicake/FutureSimple/Credictive
    Agata Mazur, Applicake/FutureSimple
    Ola Sitarska, MyGuidie
    Liz Fleming, Venture Lab
    Raquel Iglesias, Totfan
    Sandra Mesonero, Uniccos
    Crsitina Galan, BitCarrier
    Sylvia Diaz-Montenegro, Leelo

    Barbara Labate, Risparmiosuper
    Diana Saraceni, 360 Capital Partners
    Juliette Bellavita,
    Viktorija Trimbel, Quantas Capital
    Monika Garbaciauskaite, Delfi
    Irina Anghel, South East European Private Equity and Venture Capital
    Demet Mutlu, Trendyol
    Kristin Skogen Lund, Telenor
    Charlotta Falvin, TAT
    Sara Ohlsson, HinnerDu

    Elaine Coughlan, Atlantic Bridge
    Julie Sinnamon, Enterprise Ireland
    Helen Ryan, Creganna Tactx Medical
    Martina Kolesnik, Oktogo
    Elena Masolova, Pixonic
    Alisa Chumachenko, Game Insight
    Linda Summers, Skype
    Moran Bar, VentureGeeks
    Helena Chari, TSN ICAP
    Baiba Kaskina, CERT/SigmaNet

    Marina Tognetti, Myngle
    Christine Karman, Stratix
    Colette Ballou, Ballou PR
    Eileen Burbidge, Passion Capital
    Jessica Powell, Badoo
    Joanna Shields, Facebook
    Judith Clegg, Glasshouse
    Kathryn Parsons, Decoded
    Nathalie Massenet, Net-a-porter
    Rachel Bremer, Twitter

    Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp
    Sherry Coutu, entrepreneur and investor
    Wendy Tan White, Moonfruit
    Bindi Karia, Microsoft
    Clare Reddington, iShed
    Deborah Rippol, Startup Weekend
    Elizabeth Varley, TechHub
    Jude Ower, Playmob
    Martha Lane Fox, Lastminute
    Sonali De Rycker, Accel Partners

    Simone Brummelhuis, Astia/TheNextWomen
    Nathalie Gaveau, Shopcade
    Georgina Atwell, Apple
    Tracy Doree, Llustre
    Sabine Fillias, Chasson Finance
    Jennifer Hicks, Forbes
    Olivia Solon, Wired
    Jamillah Knowles, The Next Web
    Sarah McVittie, Dressipi
    Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch

    Sofia Barattieri, Motilo
    Rebecca Barr, LivingSocial
    Erin Noordeloos, NBC Universal
    Kresse Wesling, Elvis & Kresse
    Sophie Cornish, Notonthehighstreet
    Avid Larizadeh, Boticca
    Orit Hashay, Brayola
    Gali Ross, Razoss
    Amit Knaani, ooVoo
    Mel Exon, BHH Labs