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This article was published on March 3, 2020

Meet Europe’s top 100 scaleups at Tech5 Founders Day

Meet Europe’s top 100 scaleups at Tech5 Founders Day
Jana Zane
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Jana Zane

It’s that time of the year: TNW and Adyen are partnering up for the seventh edition of the Tech5 scaleup competition.

Each year, hundreds of the world’s fastest-growing startups and scaleups apply to join a network of companies, investors, and experts from across Europe. The winners are selected based on investment rounds, growth, media coverage, social impact, and more.

This year’s finale will take place at TNW2020, where the top five companies from each country will celebrate Founders Day, along with Tech5 alumni, investors, VCs, and a special guest at a top-secret location.

Ahead of this year’s finale, get to know some of the startups and scaleups making waves. This year, we’ve divided the 100 finalists into four categories: Circular Economy & Sustainability, Social Platforms & Matchmaking, Mobility & Subscriptions, and Food & DeliveryEach category represents one of the most pressing issues defining not only tech, but greater society.

Read on for the full list of finalists from across Europe.


Adverityis a data management and analytics platform specialized in enabling data-driven marketers to demonstrate value faster and easier, by transforming siloed data into actionable insights.

Bikemapwas created by enthusiastic cyclists with the goal of sharing awesome bike tours with other cyclists. More than 1,8M registered users have since helped create the world’s largest collection of cycle routes.

GoStudentis an early stage, venture-backed, ed-tech platform disrupting the tutoring market and bridging the knowledge gaps of young students. 

JobRocker is the first digital headhunting platform that combines innovative matching technology and top personnel consultants to find the best fitting talent for companies!

Refurbed is the fastest-growing online marketplace for refurbished products in DACH region.


Bsit is a mobile app that helps parents connect with caregivers recommended by their friends, family, and colleagues for all their childcare needs, including occasional babysittings, daycare, help after school, or during the holidays.

CitizenLabbelieves that empowering citizens can help governments make better decisions, improve trust, and strengthen democracy so they’ve built a digital participation platform for cities and governments to consult their citizens on local topics and include them in decision-making 

Cowboy was founded by a Belgian designer who wanted to develop innovative electric bikes for urban riders to improve urban mobility and take commuters to their destination in a more enjoyable, sustainable, and efficient manner.

Qoverbuilds insurance products and makes them available in real-time through open APIs. Any digital business model can embed or sell our products within minutes.

SettleMintis a Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service company, that drastically reduces the complexity of blockchain technology, making it easy and fast for you to turn a business concept into a working blockchain application.

Czech Republic

Davinci Travel Systemis a B2B online platform for booking and managing group reservations at hotels.

Neuron Soundwarerecognizes sound patterns with their powerful AI in real-time and provides unparalleled insight into how mechanical systems operate, so potential failures can be detected early. on.

Spaceflowcombines the tenant experience and community management tocreate a true “space-as-a-service” experience that allows landlords and space operators to customize services and improve tenant satisfaction.

Spaceti is an enterprise software system that provides space and time efficiency. It saves costs by optimizing space in your workplace while setting standards for people’s comfort and wellbeing, leading to greater productivity.

Spendeegives the power of unique data analysis in an adaptable environment that automatically and thoroughly analyzes the users’ income and expenses, giving them intelligent advice on how to make the most of their money. 


Dixais a global customer service tech company on a mission to build stronger bonds between brands and their customers through conversational customer engagement.

Donkey Republicis a global bike-sharing platform with a fleet of 10,000 bikes and e-bikes across more than 50 cities in Europe. 

Luggage Heroprovides easy, cheap, and safe storage of luggage around the central areas of big cities using retail stores and hotels. Quickly expanding in cities in Europe and the US since 2017.

Superbis powering restaurants worldwide with the first all-in-one platform to run their business by gathering and using important data about the guests and business to increase revenue and experience.

Tonsseris Europe’s largest football performance app, allowing youth players to create a profile, track their performance, and connect with other players, clubs, and scouts.


eAgronom is an intuitive farm management system that allows farmers with low technical skills to plan, manage, and analyze farm activities in the simplest possible way. The system brings existing, complex technologies to farmers within an intuitive UI. 

Klaus is a conversation review and QA tool for support teams that measurably improves customer service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic.

MeetFrankis a Secret Recruitment App that aims to democratize the job market by being transparent to candidates about who wants to hire them and what are they willing to offer.

Xolois a home for modern freelancers making it easy for entrepreneurs to start and run their location-independent business. 

Zegois flexible, on-demand work insurance for everyone from carpenters to corporations, supporting the modern shared and gig-economy. 


Enfuceoffers payment and open banking services to banks, fintechs, financial operators, and merchants. By combining industry expertise, collaborative partnerships, and compliance, they deliver long-term and scalable solutions quickly and securely.

Kodit.iois a PropTech startup and the leading iBuyer in the Europe providing instant offers for apartment owners. They have developed the world’s most accurate AI-powered real estate data platform to redefine how people buy and sell their homes.

Supermetricsis the most easy-to-use marketing data provider in the world and a category leader in building user-friendly data analytics tools.

Swappie is a safe and secure online store for used smartphones where you can order little-used, affordable smartphones that have been tested and refurbished using the newest technology.

Woltis one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies and is known for its food delivery platform that makes it incredibly easy to discover, and get great food delivered.


Doctrineis the first legal information platform, centralizing all available information and making it easily accessible and immediately useful for legal professionals.

Klaxoon is a solution that boosts participation and memorization during training courses, meetings, and conferences. Klaxoon offers 20 new ways to interact within a group. Based on your content, you can propose simple, playful, and effective activities: quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities, and live messaging.

Shadowenables people to stream a fully functional game PC to all of your devices.

Side is a software-based company, which equips a company‘s temporary needs with qualified candidates in seconds. 

Stuartis an on-demand delivery app and platform that speeds up the way local goods are transported in cities.


Fraugsteris an anti-fraud company that uses artificial intelligence to manage risk and eliminate fraud for e-commerce business needs. 

Jobliftis a meta-search platform providing job seekers with the most intuitive and frictionless experience during the recruiting process. They apply the latest machine learning techniques and big-data based algorithms in order to offer their users matching job vacancies.

Personiois developing a holistic HR and applicant management software designed to give HR managers more time for tasks that create value. 

Tieris Europe’s first shared micro-mobility provider to be multimodal. Tier plays the leading force in the transformation of transportation, relieving cities from emissions and congestion.

Tourlaneis a booking platform for multi-day tours, offering amazing experiences to over 30 countries worldwide. Tourlane creates unique adventures and authentic travel experiences in the most fabulous destinations.


Codecoolis a full-stack junior developer training course. It finds, trains and matches IT talents to companies‘ needs. 

Recarthelps merchants provide a smooth user journey for their customers on Facebook Messenger with multiple customizable and personalized campaigns. Their messenger marketing model aims to increase customer engagement. 

Rollethas developed an automated car parking technology. Rollet recognizes the vehicle upon entrance and pays the service fee without requiring any customer action. 

Synceehelps store owners to run their business easier. Syncee automatically updates and synchronizes a suppliers’ data feed with a shopify ecommerce store. 

Talentunois a crowdsourcing recruitment platform that unlocks the potential of personal networks to connect talent with growing companies. Anyone can become a Talentuno match-maker and get paid for referring people to jobs.


Abodoosolves the problem of finding talent and skills beyond limited geography. Their anonymous profiling reduces unconscious bias during the hiring process to support and drive diversity.

FoodMarblehas developed AIRE, the world’s first personal digestive tracker.

Glofoxprovides an all-in-one business management software helping fitness entrepreneurs to build successful, growing businesses, and improve worldwide health and wellbeing.

Sweepruses the latest in artificial intelligence, voice assistance, and behavioral psychology to support customers with all their internet-enabled technologies in the home. 

UrbanVoltworks as a full solution sustainability partner for large companies, enabling them to use their scale to rapidly impact climate change. Their Sustainability-as-a-Service model allows them to take care of everything from capital investment, to project management, to maintenance. It’s sustainability simplified.


BOOM Image Studio provides on-demand photography services on a global scale, driven by AI and leading talented photographers.

Casavois a smart platform helping house sellers get an instant financial valuation on their real estate. 

Insooreis a platform that helps insurance and fleet management companies to optimize the claims management process, through video-photographic inspections and damage estimations.

Milkmanis a last-mile logistics and transportation company aimed at improving the conversion rate of online shops of any scale through an enhanced range of parcel delivery options.

Soldois a fast-growing financial technology company tackling the problem of spend management for businesses with a single prepaid spending account and multiple master cards for those handling money on behalf of the business.


Affiseoffers a versatile technological platform for performance marketing, data analysis, and ad campaign automation.

BigDegreeis a gamified blockchain-enabled online education marketplace focused on teaching professional digital skills, linking education-recruitment markets by allowing employers to hire talent.

Interactiois a real-time audio broadcasting solution for overflow audiences, poster sessions, simultaneous interpretation, and more.

Whatagraphis a marketing performance reporting platform that automatically converts website and social media data into visual reports.

Ziticityis the perfect solution for any business that needs to deliver items to its customers on the same day or even the same hour. They can deliver food, parcels, flowers, documents – anything you want to be transported in the same city.


Crispis an app-only supermarket focused on ultra-fresh food, backed by an intelligent digital marketplace.

Growth Tribeis leading the way in adult education and digital re-skilling and up-skilling, bridging the gap between rapidly evolving technology and stagnant skills.

Lightyear is developing the world‘s first long-range solar car. Their ultimate goal is to bring clean mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Polarstepshelps travelers share, track, and remember their trips in a simple and beautiful way.

Swapfietsis a subscription-based city bicycle service. For a periodic monthly fee, users get access to a bike that always works — promising a replacement within one working day. 


CHOOOSEmakes it easy to act on climate change by making solutions for global CO2 reduction available to everyone. With a monthly subscription, you can directly support some of the most impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world.

Cogniteis a global software company supporting the full-scale digital transformation of heavy-asset industries around the world.

Otovois a clean energy company for the future. Otovo puts solar panels on your roof with no upfront cost. 

Sanity.iois the fastest, most flexible platform for delivering digital content to any product, channel, or device.

Unacastpowers a global network of proximity providers, enabling brands, and retailers to retarget their customers based on offline behavior. 


Archdeskis an innovative ERP solution, created for the construction, manufacturing, and production industries.

HCM Deckisa B2B HR tech company disrupting the enterprise employee development market, with more than 200k employees on-boarded.

Nethonehas developed an AI-driven analytical system that helps convert threats and challenges into well-informed, profitable decisions and protect travel, digital lending, and e-commerce industries from fraud.

Perfect Gymis an international software platform that integrates a variety of first-party modules and third-party fitness experience partners into one club management ecosystem.

Tylkois a next-generation furniture company making high-quality, made to measure storage furniture that can be adjusted using state of the art tech.


20tree.aiprovides solutions to help forest industry companies, insurance companies, and asset investors to improve decision making with timely and accurate insights into natural resources.

Barkynis an all-included subscription service for dogs — including adapted feed delivery and online veterinary support.

DefinedCrowdis a platform that combines machine learning and data science with crowdsourcing to help companies to easily manage their global data collection and data enrichment efforts, enabling enterprises to improve quality, scalability, and time-to-market for their artificial intelligence and natural language processing applications.

Jscrambleris a technology company specializing in client-side security solutions for web and mobile applications. Its JavaScript protection solution enables applications to become resilient against reverse engineering, code tampering, application abuse, and information leakage.

SWORD Healthis a tech-enabled provider of physical therapy, pairing its digital therapists with human clinical teams to help patients recover faster, more cost-effectively, and, above all, better.


BNEXT is a leading alternative to traditional banking in Spain. Its in-app marketplace gives customers access to a variety of high-quality financial and insurance products from specialized partners.

Holdeddevelops business management software designed to simplify task management. The company‘s software covers financial management such as accounting and invoicing to HR, CRM, and project and inventory management, enabling organizations to manage every aspect of their business.

Jeffoffers on-demand laundry, beauty, and fitness services to make people’s life easier. Their seamless omnichannel solution operates in more than 40 countries. 

Landbot.ioIs a no-code chat-bot builder. Landbot deploys a familiar rich texting interface as a website navigation tool — meaning site visitors aren’t left to figure out where to click to find stuff on their own. Instead, they’re pro-actively met with an interactive, adaptive messaging thread that uses conversational choice prompts to get them the information they need.

Lingokidsis an award-winning play learning platform in English for children aged two to eight years old with more than 12 million families registered in over 190 countries.


Cellinkdesigns and develops bioprinting technologies that enable researchers to 3D print organs and tissue for applications that span industries, from pharmaceutical to cosmetic.

Funnelautomates data collection, mapping, and reporting from all advertising platforms.

Hedvig is tearing up old business models to build the insurance solution of the future.

Minna Technologiesbuilds subscription management products build for retail banks and is already working with seven leading retail banks in eight markets.

Tipptapp helps you move things in and out of your home. Get connected with thousands of helpers with a car and time on their hands, who are ready to help you out.


Wingtrais the world’s leading VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drone producer for mapping and surveying applications. Since its market entry in early 2017, Wingtra has partnered with more than 50 of the biggest surveying equipment dealers across the globe.

Ava is a multi-sensor bracelet, which allows women to precisely and conveniently predict fertile days. Ava aims to be a long-term companion for women, providing data-driven and scientifically proven insights along all stages of their reproductive lives.

Flyability builds drones for the industrial inspection of indoor, complex, and confined spaces.

Gamaya improves efficiency of farming businesses by offering agronomy solutions, enabled by hyperspectral imaging and AI

Lend cuts out any middlemen and passes the cost-benefit to both parties involved. We fund private loans, business loans, and second-lien mortgages.

United Kingdom

allplants is a UK vegan meal delivery service. They are on a mission to become the earth’s favorite source of healthy convenience.

Cuvva is a customer-centric technology startup offering customers a flexible, simple insurance alternative to suit people’s on-demand lifestyles, such as short-term car insurance gives customers the option of only paying for what they need.

Starling Bank is an award-winning and fully-licensed bank built to give people a fairer, smarter, and more human alternative to the banks of the past. With four different account types – personal, business, joint, and euro.

Plumis a personal AI-driven savings assistant. It monitors your daily spending and automagically saves for you. 

Tideis a powerful yet simple business current account aimed at both freelancers as well as small and scaling businesses. 

To read more about what each company does and why they made it to the Tech5 final, click here.

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