This article was published on July 12, 2011

MediaRoost now supports Tweets beyond 140 characters

MediaRoost now supports Tweets beyond 140 characters

Today, MediaRoost, a social media startup serving clients in the CRM, sales, marketing and PR industries announced its enterprise Twitter platform, TweetRoost, will now support tweets beyond Twitter’s 140 character limit. This feature is essentially turning Twitter into a handy CRM system.

“We think it’s a great bonus for companies, especially those dealing with continuous inquiries related to customer service and support issues,” explained Mark Krieger, President of MediaRoost in the press release. “They’ll just type out their tweet regardless of its length, and for the recipient if it’s over 140 characters, a link will appear at the end of the tweet, redirecting to a page with the complete text.”

A recent study conducted by Altimeter Group indicates that investments in building a scalable social CRM system connecting the social web to their customer database doubled from 2010 to 2011. Companies like Comcast, Dell, Southwest Airlines and Zappos have pioneered the use of Twitter for all aspects of customer service and support but since Twitter only allows tweets of 140 characters, it can be challenging for social media managers and marketers to properly engage with customers solely through Twitter. Most often, they must switch to phone or email.

In case you aren’t familiar with TweetRoost, the platform allows companies to archive all incoming and outgoing tweets, mentions, messages and saved searches, as well as set up search monitors for particular hashtags or keywords. The results are then permanently saved in the TweetRoost database. The new TweetRoost feature automatically generates a link and redirects to a dedicated Web page, making it easy for service and support personnel to offer comprehensive responses.