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This article was published on September 17, 2021

Math doesn’t have to turn you into a sobbing mess. This training could even make it fun

Math doesn’t have to turn you into a sobbing mess. This training could even make it fun
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TLDR: The Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle can help any adult not only learn the mysteries of math, but move the learning forward into computer science and beyond.

Did you know math actually makes kids sick? No, really…it does. Math anxiety can literally make 7-year-olds get nauseous and start feeling ill. That fear and worry can spread into adult life as well, with many men and women saying they avoid math because it makes them feel stupid and frustrated.

But it really doesn’t have to go that way. Often, it’s just a fear of math (which has the official name of Arithmophobia, by the way) that has so many cringing at the mere thought of simple equations and theorems.

The Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) is built to dispel all those fears, guiding users through math from the ground up so it not only doesn’t feel scary, but actually becomes incredibly handy.

This collection packs together nine courses filled with more than 50 hours of training to help demystify math, ranging from basic operations all the way up to using math in complex programming through the Python coding language.

Since we’re hoping you’re at least up to speed on addition and times tables, this package begins with a pair of courses diving into algebra and algebraic expressions to help get newbies up to speed. 

With basic algebra in hand, learners are ready to take the next steps. That leads into an exploration of more specific math areas you may not have considered in a while, including everything from Square and Cubic Roots to Exponents and Logarithms to Complex Numbers study.

That foundation can help level up your thoughts on math, moving into its most exciting modern use in computer science and other cutting-edge technologies. With Discrete Mathematics, you’ll get exposure to the types of numbers that are used in digital computation, while Science and Math Made Simple boils down the relationship between the two fields for even the non-scientifically inclined learners. 

Finally, Mathematics for Data Science and Python Engineering Animations: Bring Math and Data to Life expand your math thinking, offering practical, hands-on examples that can be followed step by step to better understand variability, inferential statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, and more.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use math to create technical animations driving airplanes, 3 joint robots, water tanks, autonomous vehicles, and more, this is your course.

The Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle is normally an $1,800 value, but with this offer, it’s all available now for just $29.99.

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