This article was published on November 20, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg getting his own comic book & animated movie: pop icon in the making

Mark Zuckerberg getting his own comic book & animated movie: pop icon in the making

First the Social Network movie based on his time at Harvard and the birth of Facebook, now the story of Zuck is being brought to comic lovers:

Bluewater Productions have announced via press release that the publisher is teaming up with Hayden 5 Media to create an animated film based off the comic book about the Facebook founder, titled “Mark Zuckerberg and the Found.”

According to the press release, the production will lean on a mixture of live-action filmmaking and animation, for a visual look and feel that’s very similar to the film “A Scanner Darkly.”

via Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Gets The Comic Book Movie Adaptation Treatment.

And not just in book form, but also in an animated movie.

Beyond my initial reaction of “why the heck do we need more of this…” there is the bigger issue. Our Editor in Chief  Zee Kane said this in the backchannel:

I think it’s pretty fascinating, I mean when was the last time an entrepreneur got made into a comic book character? Possibly Bill Gates, maybe Branson, but it’s a sign of the times…entrepreneurs are becoming the “heroes” in some respects.

Now I’d add to that becoming heroes again, because it wasn’t that long ago that the big icons of business were held up like modern-day gods. They weren’t called “Titans of Industry” just because it sounded good, it was a notion of something bigger.

Come on who wouldn’t be fascinated by a kid (I’m old enough that he’s still a kid to me) who has done so much to change how society connects and communicates in such a short time? Talk about a dream, come up with an idea in school, bring it to life, drop out of school, and become a billionaire. Yeah another (almost) Harvard grad Bill Gates did the same thing and that’s turned out pretty well.

Are entrepreneurs the new rockstars of our times?

Or are we still just fascinated by luck, guile, timing, and genius?

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