This article was published on August 18, 2016

Mario Bros get the Scorsese treatment in this Goodfellas-inspired short

Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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If Nick Gregorio had directed the original Super Mario Bros movie, it may have actually been watchable. Instead, we ended up with a dumpster fire on the big screen that featured the likes of Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo — both of which would have made stellar mobsters if they’d gone the Goodfellas angle of Gregorio’s short.

It’s too late for the original, but Gregorio’s Scorsese-inspired vision of the classic Nintendo franchise is nothing short of incredible.

Plumbers can only climb so high in Brooklyn. Mario and Luigi are looking to fly.

So starts the violent and drug-fueled seven minute trailer of ‘GoodPlumbas.’ Luigi takes on the role of Ray Liota’s Henry Hill. Yoshi is a Japanese vixen that seems to have dipped heavily into a Tarantino movie or two. Toad is a coke-snorting fixer and Princess Peach? Well, she’s a mess.

The villains make an appearance too. The Mushroom Kingdom is run by a tatted Koopa hell-bent on destruction (Bowser); bob-ombs are now Bobby Bombs and Bullet Bill, well he’s still Bullet Bill, only now he’s yucking it up on a bar stool rather than being shot out of a cannon.

Goodfellas remakes are a dime-a-dozen on YouTube, but the execution of this short makes that worth ignoring.

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