This article was published on April 21, 2016

Map your ideas and improve your workflow with Scapple (40% off)

Map your ideas and improve your workflow with Scapple (40% off)
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

If your brainstorming sessions tend to result in a bunch of disjointed notes and half-cooked thoughts that look more like a Rorschach test than a collection of ideas, chances are good that your big-idea concepts aren’t getting the chance to reach their full potential.

To help eliminate the chaotic clutter and provide some clarity to your new ideas, Scapple offers a simple way to keep your thoughts organized. It’s a program for both Mac and PC to write down ideas, move them around and connect one concept to another with ease.

And at $8.99 from TNW Deals, an organizational assistant has never been easier on the wallet.

Skip the random scraps of paper full of disjointed thoughts – Scapple allows you to make notes anywhere on your page and connect them in a variety of ways, building a virtual web of interconnected ideas and projects to suit your needs.

While most note-taking software is prohibitively clunky and unshareable, Scapple is a simple, sparse app that’s free of unnecessary frills. Simply double-click anywhere on the pad and start typing. You can then attach new ideas with arrows, lines, or just leave them on their own.

Scapple was designed by the team at Literature & Latte, the developers responsible for the hugely popular Scrivener word-processing and writer’s management app.

With a finger on the pulse of what professionals need most, Literature & Latte have offered a new way to turbocharge your workflow, whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, tech aficionado or beyond. Get organized with Scapple, now 40 percent off on TNW Deals.

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