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This article was published on November 9, 2016

Man faces legal trouble for delivering sausage via drone to buddy in hot tub

Man faces legal trouble for delivering sausage via drone to buddy in hot tub Image by: Shaiith/Shutterstock
Bryan Clark
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In Australia, delivering sausages via drone is, apparently, frowned upon.

The trouble started when a man used a quadcopter to pick up lunch from a local barbecue. The video begins with the message “please buy a snag [sausage] and put it in a bag. Here’s $10.” Footage then shows the drone flying to a nearby warehouse store with the note before leaving with a sausage destined for a nearby friend waiting in a hot tub.

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority is investigating the incident after footage of the stunt appeared online. Investigators say the flight was in violation of rules that prohibit drones from entering populated areas or flying within 90 feet of people. If authorities deem this to be a violation, the pilot faces a $9,000 AUS fine ($6,888 USD).

The man who posted the (now removed) video told EFTM, an Australian men’s website, he sold the footage to a viral video company. He also claims the video was shot in parts and that the flight posed no threat to the public or their property.

“We shot it in parts, never going over homes or people,” he said.

via The Telegraph

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