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This article was published on April 4, 2018

Make your own machine learning news feed with this training, and pay what you want

Make your own machine learning news feed with this training, and pay what you want
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

This week in “The Machines Are Catching Up With Us,” researchers are saying deep learning tactics are improving our ability to predict severe weather events. In fact, with new advances in artificial intelligence, computers will soon be analyzing radar images to spot when dangerous hailstorms will hit with as much accuracy as a human meteorologist.

Machine learning is one of the most fascinating growth fields in all of technology — and now, you can get in on this exploding area with this AI and Deep Learning package. Best of all, you can get this career-changing training from TNW Deals for practically any price you want to pay.

No matter what you spend, you’ll automatically get the e-book Deep Learning with Hadoop. You’ll uncover how to use the Hadoop environment to create your own deep learning models, which work like a replicated neural network in the human brain to transfer and process information.

Since one e-book isn’t going to sate your appetite, you can unlock the rest of this package by matching the average price paid by other buyers like you. Then, you get three AI-based courses and another six e-books to round out your training.

Your courses include:

  • Java Deep Learning Essentials (a $40 value): Get a practical deep dive into machine learning & deep learning algorithms.
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow (a $133 value): TensorFlow offers a new way to sift through raw data and find new meanings in your numbers.
  • Deep Learning with Python (a $72 value): Use Python to master the creation of neural networks, the backdrop for machine learning.

You’ll also get e-books covering a wide range of deep learning topics utilizing all of today’s most useful programming languages like Artificial Intelligence with Python, Getting Started with Java Deep Learning, Deep Learning with TensorFlow, Deep Learning with R, Python Deep Learning and Deep Learning with Keras.

All together, it’s nearly $700 worth of next-level machine learning training, which you pick up for pennies on the dollar.

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