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This article was published on September 11, 2017

Machine learning changes your world everyday — understand how for under $40

Machine learning changes your world everyday — understand how for under $40
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Google recently announced upgrades to its Google Street View camera systems, including improvements in machine learning that’ll help automated systems read street signs, store names, and even identify logos or other images with no human involvement.

Meanwhile, Apple’s photo-editing program Pixelmator Pro is also about to unveil some new machine learning features that’ll offer more precision, automatic layer labeling based on content, and intuitive removal and replacement of some photo elements.

Point being, machine learning advancements happen literally every day — so understand what it’s all about with the Complete Machine Learning Bundle ($39, over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.

This package brings you 10 courses, starting with introductory courses that put the often mind-bending implications of machine learning into perspective for the AI novice.

In its most basic terms, machine learning gathers vast stockpiles of data and crunches them all together to draw conclusions and take initiative action drawn from that information.

With your training, you’ll dig deep into programming languages and other tools most often associated with big data manipulation, including R programming (Learn By Example: Statistics and Data Science in R), Java (Byte Size Chunks: Java Object-Oriented Programming and Design), Python (An Introduction to Machine Learning and NLP in Python, Byte-Sized-Chunks: Twitter Sentiment Analysis (in Python), From 0 to 1: Learn Python Programming – Easy as Pie), even Hadoop and MapReduce (Learn By Example: Hadoop and MapReduce for Big Data Problems).

Next, you’ll tackle the process by which computers interpret all that data and formulate decisions (Byte-Sized-Chunks: Decision Trees and Random Forests), as well as how certain factors influence those decisions (Byte-Sized-Chunks: Recommendation Systems) before moving on to build an artificial network of your own (An Introduction To Deep Learning and Computer Vision).

Your training will even show you how to make money investing by utilizing machine learning (Quant Trading Using Machine Learning).

It’s fascinating, career-expanding and potentially life-changing stuff for the most inquisitive and enterprising, so join the vanguard of AI with this bundle, usually retailing for almost $800, but now just $39 with this limited time deal.

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