This article was published on May 22, 2021

Mac users, rejoice — CrossOver for Mac runs all those Windows apps right on your Apple computer

Mac users, rejoice — CrossOver for Mac runs all those Windows apps right on your Apple computer
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TLDR: With CrossOver for Mac, Windows apps and other software runs on Mac computers natively without all usual compatibility problems.

There are Coke people and there are Pepsi people. There are people who roll the toilet paper forward over the top of the tube and those who let it fall behind the tube. Then, there are Windows people and Mac people. And it’s among the absolute bitterest of divides.

Mac people tout the heightened security and proprietary nature of Apple that make Macs run like a dream. Meanwhile, Windows people are all about the versatility, customization and lower prices. Oh yeah…and there are a lot more apps available for Windows than for the Mac.

That’s one that still really sticks in Mac users’ craw. Especially if you’re a Mac user at home, but a Windows user at work. Too often, vital software used on a Windows machine just won’t work on the Mac. Well, unless you’re using CrossOver for Mac ($39.99 for a Pro license, 33 percent off, from TNW Deals), the Rosetta Stone of compatibility software.

For over 10 years, CrossOver has been a favorite of most Mac users, effectively translating all the commands in a piece of Windows software into Mac commands so that Windows app can run seamlessly on a Mac without the use of an emulator.

With single-click installation, CrossOver is up and running — and you won’t have to reboot your Mac every time you try to run a Windows app. And CrossOver knows no bounds, working to run everything from productivity software to utility programs to games, all without any of the lag common when trying to run Windows programs with an emulator. Apps run like they were written for the Mac and you don’t even have to have a Windows license to make it all work.

If you work in a Windows workplace using apps like the Office 365 suite, CrossOver can let you work on all those documents right on your Mac at home with zero problems. While CrossOver can’t handle every Windows app, there are still literally hundreds of Windows apps that run like a dream on a Mac all because of CrossOver.

Right now, a Pro license for CrossOver for Mac, a $59 value, is available now at almost $20 off, down to only $39.99. That license includes a year of Pro service, featuring minor software upgrades and full support throughout your 12 month subscription. Or you can just get CrossOver for Mac without the upgrades or support for $19.99, almost 50 percent off the regular price.

Prices are subject to change.

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