This article was published on January 3, 2010

Why I Love My Job – Captionfish

Why I Love My Job – Captionfish
Charles Knight
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Charles Knight

Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search. Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search.

cfIt’s been another long 16 hour day looking up new search engines, and I was just about to logoff when I opened just one more alert and there it was – CaptionFish, the search engine for Open Captioned and Rear Window® captioned movies showing in theaters across the United States. Captionfish will be expanding to include foreign and subtitled movies.
Here’s what it shows for my home city of Charlottesville, VA:


After the break I’ll give you their full list of features.

To celebrate a successful six months since we launched Captionfish, we’ve added a bunch of new features:

•E-mail notifications: Get e-mail notifications when Captionfish finds captioned showtimes in your area for the movie(s) that you want to see! Look for this feature in the sidebar next to every trailer that you view.
Revamped Movies Directory: We redesigned the movies directory page (now called trailer directory) to better organize and display all of our captioned trailers. New releases, upcoming movies, current showings, and previous showings are all listed separately in an easy to find format.
Captioned Movie Indicator: There are times when Captionfish has shown captioned trailers for movies that are released without captions, leading the visitors to think that movie will be released with captions. To prevent confusion, we now tell you which movies are, or will be captioned in the theaters. Each of the individual trailer pages has a note on the right sidebar under the movie poster that lets you know if captions will be, are, or were available for the movie in theaters.
Descriptive Narration Movies: Beginning Friday 11/13, Captionfish will start pulling in and listing movies that have descriptive narration (also known as DVS) which will benefit viewers who are blind or have low vision. You will also be able to filter on this on the results page!


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