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This article was published on November 26, 2018

Looking for Cyber Monday deals? Check out 9 of the best now

Looking for Cyber Monday deals? Check out 9 of the best now
TNW Deals
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

You’ve undoubtedly seen a ton of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals the past few days. They’re everywhere. We’ve been dishing ‘em fast and furious ourselves. Now, amidst that tornado of commerce, we’re cherry picking all of our absolute best holiday kickoff deals and heaping them all together in this post.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the TNW Deals’ Cyber Monday Greatest Hits. And just like the top-selling album of all time, the Eagles’ “Their Greatest Hits,” every deal is legendary — and you won’t find a clunker in the bunch.

1. MOZA Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal – $76 (Orig. $109.99) with promo code “CMSAVE20”

If you’ve never used a gimbal to shoot smartphone photos or video before, this’ll change your life. And no, it’s not just a selfie stick. The MOZA Mini-MI stabilizes your frame brilliantly, allowing you to shooting sweeping panoramic images with the smoothness of a Hollywood production. Controls allow you to focus, zoom, shoot time-lapse and more. It even charges your phone while you’re shooting — and it’s over $30 off with this deal.

2. Cowin E7 Pro Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Wireless Headphones – $63.20 (Orig. $89.99) with promo code “CMSAVE20”

Don’t settle for earbuds. The Corwin E7s deliver brilliant, crisp, immersive Bluetooth audio on the go anywhere. The ergonomic design and professional protein ear pads make sure you’re never uncomfortable, even after hours of listening. And with a 30-hour battery life, that listening can go on for a long time. You get uncompromising sound at an incredibly compromising priceunder $65.

3Retro Gaming Console with 600+ Classic Games – $44.80 (Orig. $299) with promo code “CMSAVE20”

If you played it in the 90s, odds are, you’ll find it in this jam-packed throwback console. From Mario to Contra to Sonic to FIFA and beyond (way, way, WAY beyond), all you do is connect this lightweight unit to your TV and you’re ready to play through literally decades of video game history. With over 600 games (more than 20 times the NES or SNES classic editions), boredom just became extinct. And enjoy the $50 price drop that brings the entire package down to a ridiculously low $45.

4. The Ultimate Java Programming Bundle: Lifetime Access – $7.25 with promo code “CMBUNDLE75”

Java is the most popular programming language on the planet and its the backbone of most app development. So if building killer apps is on your agenda, start with this eight-course essential training package. You’ll learn web development, programming for the Android environment and all the tools the most seasoned builders use to craft brilliant apps. There’s even training to help ace certification training as a Java expert. It’s a nearly $1,600 package slashed to only $7.25.

5. Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Certification Course – $12 with promo code “CMSAVE40”

Want to use social media and get paid for your brilliance? This training can get you in the door as a social media marketing expert. It’s 38 hours of intensive training that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of campaigning across all the major platforms from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to YouTube, LinkedIn and even Reddit. This is the certification training to help you build a social media strategy that will expand reach, convert viewers into customers and earn you respect and a tidy salary. A $3,995 value, it’s on sale now for pennies, only $12.

6. The Complete UI/UX Fundamentals Bundle -$7.25 with promo code “CMBUNDLE75”

UI and UX. They’re the intersection that teaches you how your app interacts with an audience — while ensuring they want to come back for more. Whether you’re building for desktop, tablet or mobile, this nine-course UI and UX Design package will have you creating web experiences that look fabulous and work just as beautifully. From design aesthetics to Android environments to keeping users engaged, this $7.25 package is how you carve out a path to a career as a web developer.

7. Private Internet Access VPN: 2-Yr Subscription – $33.33 (Orig. $166.80)  with promo code “CMSAVE40”

Is it safe to call PIA the world’s most trusted VPN service? That’s a bold statement — but it just might be correct. That’s because PIA, a multi-award winning service honored by PCMag, Lifehacker and more, offers more than 3,100 servers in 33 countries to keep all your Internet activities completely hidden at all times behind their military-grade encryption. With PIA, your IP stays masked, allowing you to circumvent international content restrictions, keep your online data private and still serve the web at blistering speeds. Right now, get two years at more than $100 off the regular price.

8. Degoo Premium: Lifetime 3TB Backup Plan – $39 (Orig. $64.99) with promo code “CMSAVE40”

Got way too many files clogging your hard drive? Send ‘em to your own 3TB of premium Degoo cloud storage space. With full 256-bit AES encryption, automatic backup feature, fast transfer speeds and streamlined file sharing techniques, you can keep all your documents, media files and more right at your fingertips, without slogging your smartphone or hard drive to a crawl. Degoo will even automatically back up your entire system to make sure you never lose a thing, even after a full system meltdown. A lifetime of Degoo storage would usually cost $1,500, but with this added price drop, you can get it for only $39.

9. Mondly: Lifetime Subscription – $30 (Orig. $49.99) with promo code “CMSAVE40”

Join us in the now, Grandpa. There’s a new way to learn foreign languages — and it’s called Mondly. Their system utilizes unique virtual reality settings and a trailblazing teaching method that gets you speaking the language of your choice almost immediately. Their state-of-the-art speech recognition evaluates your performance and advances your education to keep your vocabulary and syntax understanding constantly growing. Right now, you can learn five languages from Mondly, all at your own pace, for less than $6 per language with this offer.

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