This article was published on August 9, 2010

Long live apathy! Introducing the Facebook “meh” button.

Long live apathy! Introducing the Facebook “meh” button.

Soon after Facebook posted the universal Like buttons, others were all over the idea of an Unlike button. But what about if you really don’t care, and want to show the world how little something means to you? Unliking might not always be the right option. You need a choice for those times when nothing else fits.

The Meh button is your answer.

While the Meh button has no official position with Facebook, it’s probably the best use of real-time technology that we’ve seen. Meh is open source, via GitHub, and you can even place your votes for a new Meh icon…if you care.

Paradoxically, I suppose you’d have to care enough to hit the Meh button. Oh the tangled web we weave…