This article was published on September 7, 2012

Lissted lets you follow Twitter media conversations on a specific topic through dynamic lists

Lissted lets you follow Twitter media conversations on a specific topic through dynamic lists

Lissted now lets you follow journalists’ Twitter conversations on a specific topic, its parent company RealWire announced today. To get you started, it will also create public lists anyone can subscribe to.

As you may remember, Lissted’s web app is a very useful tool to find journos who cover a specific topic and track their Twitter updates. According to RealWire, it currently lists 12,824 media professionals from over 3,450 outlets, and filters over 100,000 tweets a day.

As for today’s new feature, it leverages Lissted’s existing database to create dynamic Twitter lists of journalists and media outlets who mention a given topic on the micro-blogging platform. Once created, these lists can be followed through other platforms, such as TweetDeck, while going through constant automatic updates.

In other words, this goes well beyond tracking RTs, mentions or even keywords; you will now get a much more complete picture of ongoing conversations, and be able to integrate it in the services you already use. As you may have guessed, this could become a very useful tool for journalists, PR agencies and companies interested in tracking a trending discussion without constantly having to identify sources for their custom lists.

If you’re wondering how it works, Lissted has already created a handful of lists to showcase its new functionality, including two – IBC and ‘iPhone 5’ – in which The Next Web’s editors are currently featured.

While Lissted plans to keep on building public lists about high profile news stories on a regular basis, it will also become a new revenue stream for the company, as it will now offer its Pro users the option to request bespoke lists to be created and maintained for a fee.

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