This article was published on July 26, 2021

Linux doesn’t have to be that mysterious coding area you don’t understand. This course explains it all

Linux doesn’t have to be that mysterious coding area you don’t understand. This course explains it all
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TLDR: The Mastering Linux Development Bundle explores how to understand and use Linux as an operating system for running all kinds of business and cloud-based information networks.

Windows and Mac. Mac and Windows. When the discussion comes to operating systems, it feels like those two titans are the only ones anyone ever brings up, consuming all the oxygen in any OS conversation. That makes sense to a degree when you consider the two make up about 97 percent of the market share when it comes to OS usage.

But in that remaining 3 percent lives Linux. Versatile, easy to understand,and open sourced, Linux has been constantly modified and improved over the past 30 years, making it the operating system serious programmers use when they don’t want to hassle with all of Microsoft or Apple’s proprietary hurdles.

And Linux thrives in that 3 percent, particularly with highly specialized and customized business systems. With the training in The Mastering Linux Development Bundle ($19.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), students learn the intricacies of this sneaky powerful system and all the ways it can be modified and reimagined for use in many innovative and interesting ways.

Featuring 7 courses covering more than 34 hours of instruction, this coursework digs into all the nooks and crannies of Linux, offering first time users an unvarnished view of exactly why Linux is the system driving so many business networks, including scores of cloud-based operations.

Linux Basics for Beginners is a solid primer, a newbie-friendly exploration of basic commands and tools for understanding and utilizing the Linux environment. Over this introduction, new users earn a comprehensive knowledge of everything Linux can do, as well as all the training needed to build and run their first Linux OS.

Equipped with that foundation, the remaining six courses then examine other important areas of working with Linux, from using Linux Command Line for programming, to writing Linux scripts to automate tasks, to understanding Secure Shell. There’s also a full breakdown of using Virtual Box, which lets users create, run, and test a Linux system, all working within the confines of a standard Windows machine.

Other courses get into using Kali Linux, the popular environment dedicated to Linux digital forensics and penetration testing security needs. In this training, learners get a taste of life as a pentester, ethical hacker, security analyst and more, even creating tools for spotting and stopping intrusions into their own Linux systems.

A $1,400 package of training, The Mastering Linux Development Bundle is available now at more than 90 percent off that price, down to less than $3 per course at just $19.99.

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