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This article was published on October 6, 2010

LinkedIn joins instant crowd with ‘InStant’

LinkedIn joins instant crowd with ‘InStant’

Google was obviously really onto something with Google Instant – everyone wants to be instant now it seems. The latest ‘instant’ comes from LinkedIn, called – cleverly – ‘InStant‘ (or maybe even LinkedInStant – take your pick).

Created by LinkedIn developer Matthew Ng, LinkedIn InStant helps you to quickly find contacts (you MUST login for it to work) by typing in either names, companies or keywords. And it works pretty well, we have to say. It starts with just a search box, and then when you type something in, a matrix of 15 profile bubbles pops up, with your 1st contacts first and then 2nd-degree contacts (that’s all we saw, but most likely it would keep going). Click on the bubble and you are redirected to the person’s profile page.

We tried a number of keywords, names and companies, and it certainly seemed to generate relevant results for us. So if you’re keen, check it out: