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This article was published on February 17, 2021

LingvaNex Translator is the next step in digital language translation and it’s 80% off

LingvaNex Translator is the next step in digital language translation and it’s 80% off
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TLDR: LingvaNex Translator takes language translation to another level, translating text, voice recordings, even foreign words in an image in more than 112 different languages.

It’s a very kumbaya, new-agey, John-Lennon-singing-Imagine kind of thought…but what would the world be like if we weren’t separated by language?

What if the greatest barrier to understanding across our many and varied Earth cultures was suddenly wiped away? With the very real hurdles of language swept aside, could it help bring together the brotherhood of man, solve divides, end spotlight the interconnectedness of all people?

That’s obviously a mighty tall order, but with developments like the LingvaNex Translator ($79.99, 80 percent off, from TNW Deals), we may actually be closer to finding out than we previously thought possible.

LingvaNex is like a nitro-powered version of Google Translate. The service goes beyond simple text translation to working like a Star Trek universal translator, unscrambling and decoding almost anything in over 112 different languages.

Of course, if you need to translate text, a document, or a website between any of those languages, the LingvaNex algorithms are more than up to the task. But where LingvaNex truly excels is in its avalanche of surrounding features that translate virtually everything at a moment’s notice.

LingvaNex uses machine learning to do the seemingly impossible, like translating foreign words in a picture. It even works for augmented reality, so if you can’t read a street sign in a foreign country, just point your phone camera at it and LingvaNex will translate everything your mobile device sees.

A direct spoken translation is no problem for LingvaNex either, allowing direct conversation translations in more than 100 languages. Want to know what a singer is saying in the lyrics to a foreign song? Just play it for LingvaNex and you’ll learn the whole truth.

LingvaNex Translator also saves a history of your translations or lets you save favorites as bookmarks, while also letting you share translated text with others. 

LingvaNex is almost as universal as the service itself, with compatibility across Windows, macOS, Android or iOS operating systems and over 4 out of 5 star reviews from Apple App, Mac App, Microsoft Store, and Google Play users. Regularly $399, a lifetime of LingvaNex Translator access is now available at 80 percent off, only $79.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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