This article was published on January 10, 2019

Lexar’s 1TB SD card is the one you’ve been waiting for

Lexar’s 1TB SD card is the one you’ve been waiting for
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SanDisk, years back, showed off a 1TB SD prototype that never managed to make it to market. Today, at CES, the newly acquired Lexar made a bit of a splash by announcing that you’d soon be able to buy the card we’ve all been wanting since SanDisk first announced it two years ago.

“Almost fifteen years ago, Lexar announced a 16GB SD card,” Lexar Senior Marketing Manager Joey Lopez said in a statement. “Today we are excited to announced 1TB of storage capacity in the same convenient form factor.”

The company claims read speeds of up to 95MB/s and write speeds up to 70MB/s, though with a V30/U3 rating we should probably expect sustained performance closer to the 30MB/s the standard guarantees.

Lexar’s 633x line of SDHC and SDXC UHS-I cards run the gamut from 16GB all the way to its new flagship offering, the 1TB behemoth listed at $499.99. Pro tip: B&H currently has it listed $100 cheaper, for $400.

It’s pricy — considering you can snag two 512GB cards for less than $300 at times — but that doesn’t make us want it any less.

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