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This article was published on October 10, 2017

Learn what it takes to be a cybersecurity pro with some serious certifications for under $70

Learn what it takes to be a cybersecurity pro with some serious certifications for under $70
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Knowledge is power. With various cyber threats lurking all over the internet, knowing exactly how to protect yourself and your digital information has never been more vital. Companies think so too, which is why so many are paying top-dollar salaries to attract qualified security experts to make sure their systems are as tight as a drum.

You can not only learn the skills a top-flight security pro needs but at the same time, prep for some of the most important credentials a security pro has to have with the training in the Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle. You can pick up this package right now for only $69 from TNW Deals.

First, you’ll dig into the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including understanding what a protected system needs, the ways hackers can exploit vulnerable networks and mobile apps, and all the key points in crafting, implementing and managing a secure company’s cyber environment.

But once you’ve pored over and mastered encryption and cryptography and auditing processes, you’ll be well on your way to taking — and acing — three of the elite security certification tests out there.

Packing CISA, CISM, and CISSP certification, there won’t be many in-demand, top-paying IT security jobs you won’t be ready to compete for and build a sterling new career.

Valued at $1,000, get this all-encompassing training now for only $69 and you’ll be ready to start down the path to that brighter professional future immediately.

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