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This article was published on January 7, 2018

    This new year, learn to tackle projects the Lean Six Sigma way

    This new year, learn to tackle projects the Lean Six Sigma way
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    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    Optimistically, major projects are an opportunity for a company or business to take a huge step forward. Realistically, those same projects carry the potential to send that same organization into a tailspin if they’re mishandled. With so much company capital at stake, be it finances, personnel or even just time, it’s a significant responsibility for the person heading up that initiative.

    The know-how to manage those projects effectively requires training, which is available in this Lean Six Sigma Project Manager learning bundle with certifications. Right now, the complete package is on sale for just $79 (an over 90 percent savings) from TNW Deals.

    As you work through over 37 hours of learning, you’ll be introduced to how Lean Six Sigma works, a management approach centered around eliminating project waste as a key means to eventual success. This Six Sigma training will show you end-to-end methods for spotting delays, defects, and other potential red flags that could impact your timeline and your results.

    After completing the courses packed with quizzes, labs, and other quality learning materials, you’ll have earned full Lean Six Sigma certification, an eye-opening new line to your resume sure to catch the attention of hiring managers and savvy headhunters searching for next-level talent.

    The course, including nearly $2,300 worth of instruction, is only $79 right now with this limited time offer.