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This article was published on December 23, 2010

Last Minute Gifts for the Tech Savvy Traveller

Last Minute Gifts for the Tech Savvy Traveller
Courtney Boyd Myers
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Courtney Boyd Myers

Courtney Boyd Myers is the founder of audience.io, a transatlantic company designed to help New York and London based technology startups gr Courtney Boyd Myers is the founder of audience.io, a transatlantic company designed to help New York and London based technology startups grow internationally. Previously, she was the Features Editor and East Coast Editor of TNW covering New York City startups and digital innovation. She loves magnets + reading on a Kindle. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter @CBM and .

Christmas is just a few days away but you’ve still got time to scoop up a few great gift items for the tech savvy traveller in your life. (He or she is probably on a plane or train anyways!) Now you could just get him or her an iPad, but they probably already have one, and if not, I would definitely hold out for the iPad 2.

Verizon FiveSpot (US $99.99*)

Every connected traveller must have a mobile WiFi device. The Verizon Fivespot is so good looking, it may even make your iPhone jealous. The slim device works on the 3G network, weighs less than 3 ounces and provides users with up to five Wi-Fi connections for netbooks, tablets and gaming devices. It hands down works better than the Sprint Overdrive. The Fivespot comes with a pre-installed SIM card, VPN support and supposedly provides global data service in more than 200 countries, although I haven’t had luck getting it to work outside of the U.S. Verizon customers will need to choose from one of two price plans to connect to Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Broadband network within the U.S.: either $39.99 per month, with a 250-MB monthly data allowance and $0.10/MB overage fees; or $59.99 per month, with a 5-GB monthly data allowance and $0.05/MB overage charges. Buy it here. (*The device costs $99.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.)

Victorinox Swiss Army Flash Laser 4GB (US $76)

One of the coolest gadgets we’ve seen this fall is the Swiss Army Knife known as the Victorinox Swiss Army Flash Laser 4GB. In addition to scissors, a knife, a nail file, a screwdriver, a pen and a flash drive, it has a laser! Just make sure to take the flash drive out of the casing before boarding the plane, or tuck this into your check bag. Buy it here.

Tumi Travel Mouse (US $75)

As an established international brand of luxury and business travel, Tumi offers quality that is hard to beat (although their prices can be steep). If you’re taking your laptop on the road and want to avoid the thumb clenching feeling from using a track pad all day, Tumi’s mini Travel Mouse ($75) is your new best friend. It operates via a wireless nano receiver which tucks into the mouse for easy storage. Grab a AAA battery and insert the receiver’s USB plug into your laptop and you’re good to go. Buy here.

The LifeStudio External Hard Drive (US $109.99 for 320GB; $129.99 for 500GB)

The LifeStudio Plus drive provides ultimate flexibility for a connected traveler with an integrated 4GB USB flash key that allows users to quickly sync important files and folders for use on multiple devices.

Face it, we all have those files that we just can’t live without, no matter where we are. The LifeStudio external will let you take them with you without breaking the bank. It’s probably the last external you’ll grab for years. Buy it here.


FLIGHT 001, (pronounced flight one) has a whole line of great travel gear. Conceived by business travelers John Sencion and Brad John as a “travel store as streamlined as flight itself,” Flight001 offers a slew of retro inspired, tech travel gear. The company has an inspiring mission platform called “001 Country Per Year,” which encourages people to experience new cultures. Their motto is, “Everyone is born with the number 001, go away and grow your number!” In addition to their online store, they have shops in Berkeley, San Francisco, Chicago, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Australia. Here are a few of my favorites:

Grid-It organization system (US $22)

This a woven catchall of elastic bands is made specifically to hold objects like cameras, MP3 players, chargers and cords firmly in place. It’s slim and fits conveniently into a laptop bag or travel case and features a rear zippered pocket for additional storage. Buy it here.

USB Power Cube (US $30)

USB chargers have never, ever looked this cute. The Logiix USB Power Cubes come in three colors and feature a plug design that folds up when you arent using it to power up your iPod, iPhone, camera or any USB device.

We love gadgets. If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t recommend the Grid-It system. But honestly, who needs to carry around more than one USB charger? Get this one, stick it in a bag and get going. Buy it here.

iHome’s iHM60 Capsule (US $26)

iHome’s iHM60 Capsule speaker is a small, travel friendly speaker that extends accordion style for your iPod, iPhone, laptop or any MP3 player through the headphone jack. It features a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery, vacuum bass expansion, USB charging, and comes with a protective carrying case. Fun, right? Buy it here.

Finishing off with a classic.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones (US $299.95)

Owning these is a right of passage in any connected traveller’s life. They are undoubtedly the best noise cancellation headphone you can get. They’re extremely comfortable and deliver a bright, encompassing sound. The headphones come with an annoyingly bulky carrying case, AAA battery and an airplane adapter. Buy them here.

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