This article was published on September 16, 2010

Kodak unveils a 10-inch version of its Facebook-connected digital photo frame

Kodak unveils a 10-inch version of its Facebook-connected digital photo frame

Digital photo frames are nothing new, to be sure. But as we all get more social media addicted, finding ones that can be truly social is a pretty interesting twist. Kodak, the age-old photography masters, have manged to do just that.

The newest version of their Pulse photo frame is a 10-inch touchscreen in a glossy frame that connects over your wireless. Of course you can still use the side-mounted card reader to rotate through pictures, but the wireless is what really sets it apart. You can upload photos directly to a gallery on the Kodak Pulse website, have friends email photos to you or choose to pull in your Facebook pictures. Here’s a quick video rundown:

What we really love about this is seeing an older company that “gets” what we want. A few weeks ago, when we ran a story about a Kodak camera that had one-touch uploading to social media sites, TNW readers ate it up. Having a digital photo frame that can display those pictures almost instantly is just a logical next step.

The Kodak Pulse website is really intuitive, and gives you pretty great control over what shows up on your Pulse frame. You can choose to add photos from your computer, or pull them in from Facebook, and even have control over what time the frame turns on and off during the day.

The Pulse is presently available in a 7-inch version for around $110. If  you want the 10-inch version, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks until the first week of October. However, you can pre-order it now for $199 through Kodak’s website.

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