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This article was published on November 20, 2015

Knock out! Dutch startups battle it out in the ring

Knock out! Dutch startups battle it out in the ring
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It’s no surprise that the Dutch startup scene is quickly rising as one of the most prominent in Europe.

The Dutch culture embodies many of the qualities necessary to sustain such industries – creativity, community and education – along with the ability to blend Silicon Valley’s “fail fast” mentality with a more feasible “succeed slow” direction.

Last night, some of the Netherlands’ most promising startups participated in a whirlwind day full of pitch opportunities, workshops, training and networking. The day ended with a regional “Get in the Ring” pitch battle.

Get in the Ring is a global pitch competition held in 80 countries.  Six regional finalists in thee weight classes compete in a one-on-one ‘fight’ throughout five rounds – team, achievements, business model and market, financials and proposition, and freestyle. Here are the six Dutch startups that battled it out last night.

In the lightweight division, Blue Battery gave the 1-2 punch to Omnigen

Blue Battery

The Aqua Battery team wants to stop the use of toxic materials, such as acid, to build conventional batteries. Their invention, the Blue Battery, using only water and table salt, is the only electrical storage system that is 100 percent sustainable. Running at normal atmospheric pressure and room temperature, the battery is safe and cost effective. No harmful chemical reactions or leaks.


Omnigen is a biotech company, focused on the development of new products and services involving sport genetics and genomics analysis. The company believes that new innovations in genomics should be applied in such a way that society benefits and offers personalized genomics, bioinformatics services and consultancy.

In the middleweight division, Laevo delivered a blow to Kite Robotics


Excessive exposure to physical strain is the leading cause of back problems. Designed to work regardless the wearer’s actions, Laevo is a portable structure that reduces the weight of the upper body and, therefore, strain on the lower back. The apparatus is custom made, allowing both comfort and optimal support while wearing. Users are also more aware of their posture, meaning that over time, posture improves when not wearing it.

Kite Robotics

Kite Robotics is developing an innovative solution for high-rise window and façade cleaning, fully automated without human intervention. The system uses demineralized water allowing surfaces to stay cleaner and less water wasted for longer time periods between cleanings. Simultaneous cleaning and a pre-programmed path allows even areas that are usually difficult to reach can be cleaned, in a timely manner, with the operator safely on the ground.

In the heavyweight division, NettCity TKO Invoice Sharing


NettCity, a waste to fuel company, produces renewable energy and material on the unique concept of mobile plant biomass. Specializing in PyroFlash technology, NettCity focuses on local markets where raw materials – wood, grass, crop residues – are present and sustainable, enabling owners of this resource to generate electricity and heat. Through its own research and development, the company has created new technologies in both the chemical and energy sectors.

Invoice Sharing 

Committed to helping companies with cash and cost worries, InvoiceSharing wants to simplify the invoicing process. With 100 percent free electronic invoicing, the platform delivers invoices clients in whatever format their accounting software system uses and all incoming invoices are standardized and digitalized automatically. There’s no need to worry about new or forgotten invoices.

The winners from each category will represent the Netherlands in London at the European region finals, competing for a spot at the international finals in Colombia.

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