This article was published on April 15, 2020

Keeper is one of the elite password manager apps — and right now, it’s almost 40% off

Keeper is one of the elite password manager apps — and right now, it’s almost 40% off
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TLDR: Keeper Unlimited Password Manager creates unique unbreakable passwords for all your logins, remembers everything and offers a bunch of added security features as well. 

It’s always tough to gauge the effectiveness of a piece of software you’ve never used before. Your first option is usually to check with someone you know and trust that might be able to offer some insight. But if you don’t know any experienced users, the next best bet is to trust some reliable reviews.

In tech, it doesn’t get more reliable than PC Mag. So when they name Keeper Unlimited Password Manager ($53.99, 53 percent off a 3-year subscription from TNW Deals) an Editors’ Choice and 2019 Best of the Year pick and call it “an excellent experience across a ton of platforms and browsers (that) offers top-notch features,” you should pay attention.

Keeper generates strong, random passwords for every app and website you use, then stores all those passwords so you never have to remember them all on any of your devices. Any time you go back to a favorite site, Keeper will automatically fill in your login info and get you access with a single click or even just a swipe of your fingerprint. It’ll even remember your credit card information and other important identity details to help fill out random web forms you encounter online.

All you have to remember is one master password — and even that is protected with two-factor authentication, requiring a fingerprint or face ID in addition to your password. In case you need others to access your accounts, you can also share passwords and other secure records as well as set up up to 5 emergency contacts in case of trouble.

And unlike some other password managers, Keeper is built around a zero-knowledge security architecture and philosophy, meaning they never store any of your password information ever. Since all user data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level, not on Keeper’s servers or in the cloud, there’s no chance for any malicious hackers or cybercrooks to ever steal your password information.

You can boost your security instantly with a three-year subscription to Keeper Unlimited Password Manager for just $53.99, a nearly 40 percent savings off the regular price. For those who’d like to sample Keeper for shorter terms, you can also get heavy discounts now on 1-year ($23.99) and 2-year ($41.99) plans as well.

Prices are subject to change.

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