Less than 10 days until TNW València 🇪🇸 Get a last-minute 30% discount on your ticket

This article was published on October 3, 2014

Just 4 days left to get the best price on #TNWUSA Conference tickets

Just 4 days left to get the best price on #TNWUSA Conference tickets
Matthew Elworthy
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Matthew Elworthy

Marketing Manager, TNW Events

With the news of our new venue on Wall Street in New York and our event schedule going live, this week has been a big one for The Next Web Conference announcements. And like most things in life, these positives come with a price tag. In this instance, a price tag that increases in just four days.

Before you start to panic about your employer’s bovine pace of bureaucracy, do not fear. Our tickets are increasing from an overwhelmingly reasonable $395, to an extremely reasonable $450 – in line with demand.

You’ll find that both ticket tiers are significantly cheaper than nearly all of our closest competitors. However, I would still recommend purchasing promptly, because 1. bosses love a bargain and 2. if you’ve got another $20 in your wallet, you might as well buy a drone with the saving you make.


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The conference

This year’s USA conference will see 1,000 professionals come together to discuss the latest technology trends, learn about best business practices, discover the hottest startups and network with leading industry influencers. From inspiration to action, TNW USA is the place to be if you’re looking to grow your company and immerse yourself in the culture of innovation.

The speakers

Our speakers include inspirational thinkers like Nir Eyal and David Weinberger, as well as innovative entrepreneurs such as Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker, John Collison of Stripe, Scott Belsky of Behance and many more. Click here to see the speaker lineup.

The startups

The Next Web USA Conference is home to Boost – our leading startup growth program, co-hosted by WeTransfer. Over the coming weeks we’ll be selecting 50 of the finest startups to come and show our audience, editors and influencers what they have to offer. Click here to apply.

Want to learn more? Click here to visit the conference page.

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