This article was published on April 20, 2020

Join a network of project managers all ready to help you succeed in the remote workspace

Join a network of project managers all ready to help you succeed in the remote workspace
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TLDR: The resources in the Remote Project Management Toolkit Bundle will help any remote project manager feel a little less alone.

With more companies paring down and working remotely, it’s extremely likely that if you’re an experienced digital project manager, you may well be tasked with overseeing an initiative without ever physically being present.

So how do you balance the needs of the project, the needs of your staff and the needs of your stakeholders, all from the confines of your own home? With training like the information found in the Remote Project Management Toolkit Bundle. Right now, a lifetime subscription to their vast library of resources is available now from TNW Deals at over 90 percent off the regular price, only $49.

If you’ve got a tough remote digital project management task, this package of training will constantly remind you that you’re not alone. 

With membership, you’ll have access to detailed 1-hour, interactive online video conferences that focus on specific pieces of a project manager’s role. From learning tools, habits and techniques for success, survival strategies for freelancers, ways to transform client communications and more, these intensive video workshops can shine a light on areas others don’t understand.

If you need tools to communicate with your team, you’ll find a growing archive of more than 75 templates, all easy to repurpose to your specific project needs. You’ll also find a reservoir of reference ebooks, all downloadable anytime. Armed with books on best practices, full of step-by-step walkthroughs and complete guidance on challenging topics, you’ll never run up against a problem where you can’t find an answer.

Yet so many questions require a human perspective — and with this toolkit, help is just a mouse click away. Members can join semi-structured peer-to-peer mentorship groups, where you’ll connect with other similarly positioned PMs so you can each hear each other’s issues and help support everyone to successful outcomes.

There are also monthly office hours, where you can bring questions about the workshop, your projects, and more to get expert advice. Or you can reach out to virtually everyone — all 3,000-plus PMs — in the group’s Slack channel.

This immersive environment can help make sure you’ve always got a handle on your project — and the backup to tackle any challenges that await. Right now, this $750 package of resources is available now at the limited time price of only $49.

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