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This article was published on July 30, 2010

Jacket Crowdsources Out Your Stress, Then Massages You

Jacket Crowdsources Out Your Stress, Then Massages You

A jacket (at right) that doubles as a motorized massager has been equipped with WiFi so that, when stressed, the wearer can push a button which sends a message to other peoples’ WiFi enabled neck-ties – really, this how it works – and then those users can then decide whether to send digital sympathy that, when critical mass is reached –  starts to massage the wearer of the jacket.

The project is called SOS: Stress Outsourced. Leave it to MIT’s Media Lab students to build such a thing. Excellent.

On display at a conference this week, Byron Lahey, the wearable-technology coordinator at the conference (and not related to the project) told TechNewsDaily (MSNBC link), “It’s much more relaxing because you feel a connection with people, not because the massage is so great.”

Our only question: does it come in black?