This article was published on April 3, 2020

Jaamly can help make sure your app is approved by Apple and seen by the world.

Jaamly can help make sure your app is approved by Apple and seen by the world.
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TLDR: For under $40, this Jaamly Mobile App Launcher subscription takes care of all the metadata, formatting and other time-consuming work in submitting an app to the Apple App Store.

There are 5 billion mobile users around the world —and they have access to nearly 5 million different iOS and Android apps to download and sample. And all those apps are expected to generate nearly $190 billion in revenue this year.

Considering those kinds of numbers, it’s no mystery why your friend, your friend’s kid, your Uber driver, your grandma and probably you are all working on the next great app idea that’s going to break the internet in half.

Of course, coming up with the next big mobile thing is vastly different than actually getting it done and in the hands of a ravenous public. And the whole process of submitting your app to Apple’s App Store is a lot more laborious and time-consuming than you might think. 

That’s why Jammly Mobile App Launcher is such a godsend for creators. Right now, a lifetime subscription to a Jammly startup plan is available for just $39.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals.

With Jammly, you can shave nearly 80 percent off the time it takes to submit to the App Store and increase your chances of it getting approved and seen by billions.

With literally thousands of available templates, you can create eye-catching app store screenshot images. Plus, Jaamly creates all the tedious metadata management for you, including all the name, description, keyword, age rating, localization settings and more that has to be included with your submission. Jaamly makes it, you download it — and you’re ready to go. Jaamly even gives you a preview of what your app should look like in the App Store and packs it all together in a handy zip file for distribution.

What routinely takes many app developers up to 11 hours to prepare can be whittled down to just 90 minutes with Jaamly. And with all the correctly formatted information, Jaamly-supported apps can expect up to 12 times the average growth in search traffic.

Jaamly takes all the important, yet annoying busywork of app creation off your plate so you can focus on the most critical task — actually building the app that’s going to change the world.

A lifetime Jaamly subscription usually costs about $1,140, so getting in on this offer now at over 90 percent off will save you a lot more than time. 

Prices are subject to change.

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