This article was published on October 7, 2020

IzzBie Smart Private Internet could be the service that makes VPNs obsolete

IzzBie Smart Private Internet could be the service that makes VPNs obsolete
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TLDR: IzzBie Smart Private Internet is a safe, fast, secure method to access home or office digital networks from anywhere in the world.

For years, you’ve been hearing that having a VPN subscription is one of the smartest, most secure ways of protecting yourself and your sensitive information from scammers and cybercrooks online. And that’s true. 

Yet like any technology, improvements and new ideas come along to modify and often even replace the old. If IzzBie Smart Private Internet has anything to say about it, they may ultimately make the VPN we know today a thing of the past. 

Right now, the IzzBie web security method, featuring a router and a three-year subscription to their service, is available for almost 75 percent off its regular price, only $79.99 from TNW Deals.

Unlike a VPN, which funnels users through the company’s own online web connection, IzzBie essentially creates a private network for just you, granting web access to all your devices through your home or office internet network anywhere you are.

When the IzzBie router gets connected to your home or office router via an ethernet cable, you’re immediately off and running. Users log in to the IzzBie app, enter some configuration settings and in seconds, you have full access to your entire home or business network and everything connected to it through the app or a web browser. In fact, you’ll also be able to connect and manage any smart devices also connected to that network.

That essentially turns your home or business web connection into your own personal VPN, a network of one accessing the web through IzzBie on any and all devices with the app. That means if you need to check a document on your office computer from home, even if it’s a secured network, you can do it with IzzBie. Or you can access and watch all your home streaming services like Netflix while vacationing, even if you’re in a part of the world that restricts your U.S. membership.

As for security, your IzzBee connection has many of the same protections of a VPN, including full military-grade AES 256 bit encryption that makes you and your identity virtually invisible online. But while VPN protection can often slow your web speed, IzzBee doesn’t use any incoming router ports and there’s no third-party cloud or P2P software. Without those blocks,  pages load faster, data transfers faster, and you enjoy a better web experience while still enjoying full protection.

As businesses search for remote access solutions that maintain security without limiting connections, IzzBie is a simple, cost-effective method to keep any workers connected without compromising security.

You can try IzzBie now at giant savings off its regular $299 price, including the router and 36 months of app access for only $79.99.

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