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This article was published on July 28, 2010

Ivy Bean, World’s Oldest Twitter User, Passes Away

Ivy Bean, World’s Oldest Twitter User, Passes Away

Ivy Bean, widely considered the world’s oldest Twitter user at 104, has passed away.

We covered when she joined Twitter back in May 2009, and then again on her birthday last year.

Before Twitter, Ms. Bean was very active on Facebook, and was also the oldest confirmed Facebook user as of September 2009. At on point on Facebook she was reportedly receiving up to 16,000 messages a day.

She did all of her social networking on a computer that we originally intended for her rest home’s staff, which decided to let the residents use it. On Twitter, as of the time of writing this, she had 59,264 followers, and followed 6,208 people.

She tweeted a little under 1,000 tweets, with the last few dozen written by her caregiver when she feel ill recently. She mostly tweeted about her everyday life, and according to the BBC, her caregiver said, “She didn’t have a bad word to say about anybody. She was a real lady, an inspiration.” Do a search for @IvyBean104 today on Twitter, and you’ll see how warmly she was regarded.

She passed away last night in Bradford, England, reportedly peacefully in her sleep.

Here she is in a CNN video done last September. RIP @IvyBean104.