This article was published on June 14, 2018

It’s all the Adobe CC training you need in one place, for less than $5 per course

It’s all the Adobe CC training you need in one place, for less than $5 per course
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

If you’ve ever done any photo editing, you’re likely familiar with Adobe Photoshop. Beyond that, you may have had some exposure to a few of the other popular Adobe apps like Illustrator or InDesign. But it’s likely that beyond the big guns, Adobe’s Creative Cloud hosts a ton of powerful apps you’ve never once experienced.

You can get a handle on the full Adobe digital media package with the Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle, which is currently over 90 percent off, just $29 from TNW Deals.

In all, this training features seven courses covering how to use six of the CC’s top programs.

  • Adobe Photoshop (a $79 value): It’s the world’s most popular photo editing software for a reason. Learn how to do photo retouching, poster design, digital art, coloring, and more with Photoshop.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (a $79 value): What Photoshop is to images, Premiere Pro is to video editing…and this is where you learn how it all works.
  • Adobe InDesign (a $79 value): For graphic designers working on books, magazines, brochures, flyers and more, InDesign is the platform where you make it happen.
  • Adobe Illustrator (a $79 value): Understand how to create and manipulate vector graphics to produce logos, icons, sketches, typography and more.
  • Adobe After Effects (a $79 value): Need to generate special effects for a video project? After Effects makes it easy to add extra flourish to any video.
  • Adobe Flash & Animate (a $199 value): Now that you know Premiere Pro and After Effects, get familiar with Adobe Flash/Animate to create your own professional-grade animation.
  • Introduction to Animation (a $79 value): Go deeper on the specifics of generating animated sequences for video projects, games, interactive media and more.

You can either train on each program separately and spend hundreds of dollars — or get the whole package for only $29 while this deal lasts.

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