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This article was published on June 21, 2013

    Issue v1.6 – Want: Books

    Issue v1.6 – Want: Books
    Martha Pierce

    90 DegreesAndrew Kim
    Once a knoller, always a knoller. You’ve probably knolled long before you knew the design terminology, but no matter. One designer took the concept and blew it up into a book – in other words, he took the sense of chaos certain randomized objects can bring, and translated it into a recognizable and innately understandable table of contents for virtually anyone, whether they’re a blogger, product designer or accountant. How’s that for versatility?
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    The Artist’s WayJulia Cameron
    Hard to believe that a book put into print more than a decade ago could still pack such an extreme punch – but that’s The Artist’s Way, we guess. Jack of many trades Julia Cameron takes you, dear reader, through a full Renaissance, starting with her work and ending with a creative process so revolutionary, you’ll have a hard time deciphering where art begins and the mind ends. Or maybe it never does. The Artist’s Way is one for the ages.

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    Insanely SimpleKen Segall
    Simplicity is one thing even the most brilliant minds could easily forget – if it were not for a man like Steve Jobs, who merged the concepts of minimal and unique to create products that aren’t only effective, they’re easy to understand and grasp with the naked eye. What’s behind the products? Why can’t we all be so simple?

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    It Will Be ExhilaratingStudio Neat and others
    What do you get when you combine a passion project, two equally-motivated designers and a fledgling design company? As it turns out, success. Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost launched a two-man design shop through other sites like Kickstarter, and watched it grow into something bigger than even they could have imagined. Read It Will Be Exhilarating for an inspiration boost – or it may just inspire you to create your own business venture, no matter how small it may seem.

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